Myung-Dong #2

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Yes. Myung-Dong trip #2. Today was Jenny’s birthday. Happy Birthday! Well I met her at ACS when I was at CWE and we chatted. She wanted to go to Lotte World or something. We agreed to meet after school. Met at Popeyes and I had to go to the dinky Credit Union to withdraw some money. I withdrew 20 bucks and exchanged it and got 23,000 won. Added to that was 13,000 won I had left over from yesterday.

Well we originally planned to go to Dongdaemun Market, do a place called “Doota”. Now mind you I call that place “Dooty” now. My new name for that place. Well unfortunately for us, Dooty was closed. Dammit x_x;; So we walked around trying to find a Starshot. Funny how one of the best market area, GOT none there. If there were any, we COULD not find any. Dammit. So we just went to Myung-Dong.

Well needless to say Myung-Dong was … a hassle. I couldn’t find the place where Jen went yesterday. So after walking around for an hour, we finally found one (after asking a tourist information desk) and just took it. It cost 19,000 for both of us. x_x;; Jen’s were 13,000. Then again we got more pics then she. Oh well. But yeah, we took them and here are the results:

Jenny and Tara #1
Jenny and Tara #2
Solo Tara
Solo Jenny

The only pic I like up there is Solo Jenny and the first one. The others I came out crappily. But oh well. I tried my best at holding my damn expression still. *shrugs* But I like it. The background was nice. Well while the starshots were being produced, we went and ate. The place we first went to sucked ass. All they had was mandu and noodles. And it was expensive and not worth it. Then later we went to a Japanese Fusion Restaurant and shared Bibim Bab. Then I bought a scarf. I lost my pink one in the subway bathroom. >_< ;; But instead I got a nice black one for 5,000! ^^ So I'm happy. Good thing I bought that one because the one I found before was 25,0000. Let's just say I nearly died of a heart attack at the price. >_< ;; After we got our photos, we found a nice jewerly store. We both got a ring for 4,000 each. It’s nice! ^_^ Hee! And it’s the same one. Haha ^^ It’s cheap, but it’s worth it. ^^ Well that was my lovely day and I AM NOT going shopping to those places again for a long time. At least I’ll try. My poor feet hurts. X_x;;


  1. Lady Athena on

    Those are really cute!! I plan on putting some of my own pictures in my blog soon.

    KAWAII!! :)

  2. Those are nice pictures.

  3. sounds like you had fun at Myung Dong. Hehe.

  4. eeeeeeeeee!!! tara-chan looks so cute! those pics are so good! *steals em* omg, i haven’t taken studio pics in years! *sighs* until i grabs some friends and go, my webcam will suffice ^_^;;

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