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Went shopping with Jen, Charles, and Sheila today. We went to Myung-Dong, one of the best and expensive shopping district in Seoul. Woot. Met up with them at Commissary at 1 and I had about 50 thousand won to spend. Caught a cab there and surpisingly it isn’t very far from my house. I’ve been to Myung-Dong before but apparently I went the long way before. Well the way we went it was only like 10 minute cab ride. Woot.

Got there, then Jen and Charles took Starshots. They wanted to take it just them so Charles can take those pictures and show off her at the states when he visits ^_^. They came out so cute!! While we waited, we went shopping. Correction, the other three went shopping. I didn’t buy anything in that store. Sheila spent all 60 thousand won in like one store. x_x;; Oh dang I’d never do that. But yeah she got this Guchi bag rip off and the funny thing is it at “69” patterned all over the bag. *snickers* It was supposed to be G9, but the G looked like a 6. So we teased her about it. Later on we found a matching hat to go with it XD. Wonder if she’d gotten that if she had money. Hrm.

Then we went to a cafe called “Wa Bar”. The name is just so funny to us. *grins* Jen and Charles had a pina colada. That shit tastes nasty if you do not like coconut like me. Charles also got Lemonade. I got cream soda, and Sheila just ate the cake that came to us as service since she was flat broke. Then we walked around to McDonald and go some food. Then we window shopped at Artbox and Hello Kitty store. x_x;; A bit too girly for me, but there are some nice shit there. Then we finally got the pictures and went home.

The only thing I bought there was a Body Shop Strawberry Flavoured Lip Balm for 6,500 won. And this black Fur “Russian Revolution” hat for Jen’s eary X-mas present. *grins* Happy Christmas Jen! That originally cost 14,000 won, but I asked for a bargain and got it a 1 thou discount. ^_^ I rule. Gave that to Jen. She liked it. And at the cafe I spent 12,000 won. I paid for Charles’ pina colada as well. x_x;; Expensive. But ohwell. Then I bought me a happy meal for 3,500 won. Got a little snoopy toy that plays annoying music. So they say. I don’t hear it. *shrugs* Cab ride home was 2 thou. Damn I spent too much x_x;; Now I am only left with like 13,000 AGH!! Dammit. But yeah. After that hung out at Jen’s till 8. Watched Charles play Kingdom Hearts and FFX. I wanna get Kingdom Hearts, but I don’t know. I REALLY suck at Action RPGs. To buy or not to buy… Ohwell.


  1. 50thousand won? that sounds like lot of money……..anyways, i loooooooove the new layout! abit late but better than never. i didn’t know suikoden 3 was coming out…bleh, i haven’t been playign games in ages!

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