Suikoden 3 Layout! ^_^

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Yay! New layout! ^_^ I really like this one. And if you 800×600 people got a problem with side-scrolling, then screw you. I don’t need to take that kind of crap. And beside I wanted something different. ^_^ It shouldn’t scroll in 1024×768. If it does, then… your PC got a problem. XD But really what you think? Something different eh? As much as I loved the last one, it was too huge and it was lagging big time. Beside I’ve made this like 6 days ago and I’ve waited this long so I am out of patient. XD And I love this image XD.

Anyways. This was giving me problems and it’s amazing how one little tag can ruin an entire page. God I felt dumb when I found my mistake. Stupid div tags. Grrr! And I cannot believe I misspelled ‘together’ up there on the layout. God I am just dumb today. Hell I’m dumb all the time now. Oh well. I got some kinks in here and I am not gonna fix it yet. I’ll fix it eventually lol. Beside the things that got the kinks are the ones people probably don’t even look at most of the time anyways. *shrugs* Aiya.

Read this. *falls over laughing* Oh man! That is just fucking hilarious. You homophobias think it’s unnatural? Well booyah! Gender DO not matter. Haha. But really wow. That was just a cool article. *snickers at the cleanest nest rumour* Yeah. Whatever. Well do tell me what you think and I am outs now.


  1. Lady Athena on

    It really isn’t uncommon. My friend’s dog is bi, so I’ve seen it. That was a pretty cool article there, however.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    *whines* Chamber of Secrets is out and I’ve no one to see it with (since I usually like someone to ramble with about the movie after it ends XD). Oh well…if all comes to worst, I’ll just go drag myself to see it over the weekend alone. Tsk. LOVE this layout^^x very different…

  3. Athena, is your friends dog a girl? because my grandad’s bitches (lady dogs) try and shag eachother when they are on their …erm … period?
    ANYWAY! go gay penguins! wooo.
    <3 love ya.

  4. Um…nice layout. And the ariticle… I try to not say this but….OH My God!!

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