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Welp tomorrow is the big opening day of Chamber of Secrets for the general public in the states. I am actually anticipating the movie. I’ve been reading reviews of it and it actually seems much better than the first one. *nods* I can’t wait till it comes here. But nevertheless, I hope people enjoy it and I am really gonna take this stupid layout down. I am tired of the lag time. Beside I got a much nicer layout coming up. All coded and all. Just gotta upload it and then edit the stuff in greymatter. Whee!

Here’s an interesting survey Eric emailed me. ^_^ Since it was interesting and I am bored, here goes!

Personal Stuff
Name: Tara
Birthday: January 19, 1985
High School: Seoul American High School
Graduation Year: June of 2003 (hopefully)

The Past Four Years
Best?: Band and Seminar in 10th grade
Worst?: PE, Anatomy/Physiology, and Geometry
Best Teacher?: Mrs. Lee (My Band teacher since 7th Grade obviously), Ms. Massengill (11th Grade English Teacher), and Mr. Behr (The best math teacher anyone can ask for)
Weirdest teacher?: Mr. Fried (he loves to give more information than necessary), Mr. Cullen (nice guy but … just weird), Mr. Boyd (just plain cool, yet weird)
The teacher who was more like a friend?: Mrs. Lee

Favorite memory(s)?: Everything minus the Jason incident in Sophomore Year
Something you’d like to forget is?: The Jason incident along with Junior Year
Favorite place to be was?: Why the hell would I have a fave place at school. Fine I do. The Band Room.
Best times?: Time spent with the people that are near to me and I care about. (Andrew Lee Knowles� and Eric Herron’s answer restated, Nov. 2002)
Worst times?: Jason incident and Junior Year
Favorite dance(s)/event(s): Sophomore Year Prom

Name friends you’ve had throughout high school: David Lee, Daniel Lee, and … geez most of the others I didn’t have them as friend throughout the 4 years or I met them in less than 4 years. x_x;; But you know who you guys are!
How many have you lost?: A lot. I’ve lost Mi Son, Eric, Michele, Lisa and the rest of the military brats that I’ve lost because they moved. *sighs* Other than that the friends I truly lost was Jason, Livingstone, and couple others.
How many have you gained?: A lot…
Worst fight?: Jason incident. Nuff said.
Friend you’ll miss the most?: All whom I consider close friends. You know who you are!

Hardest lesson(s) you learned?: 1) Life suck ass. 2) People can be so damn fake. 3) It’s always safer to be pragmatic than stuck in lala-land.
Any sudden realizations about life?: What’s my damn purpose in life?

Your own superlatives
Funniest: Charles Moulden
Quietest: Oh geez. Do I have a quiet friend? Let me think. Probably Kristine Johnson or Mike Collier.
Loudest: Charles Moulden
Smartest: Eric Herron and Jennifer Allen
Biggest flirt: Um. Pamela Dennison.
Cutest Couple: Jennifer Allen and Charles Moulden
Nicest car: Um… get back to me on that x_x
Most athletic: I don’t know.
The friend who has changed the most: Mi Son Kye.
The friend who hasn’t changed at all: . . .
Person most likely to leave: Almost everyone since we are living overseas and most of us are American Citizens.
Person most likely to stay forever: I don’t know and I doubt anyone would stay here forever.
Most musical: Jennifer Allen
Best Eyes: Eric Herron. So sue me. I am being biased. He got these intense brown eyes. Oh and Sheila Creed’s are REALLY pretty.
Friendliest: Um most of them
Best Smile: Drew Davis. Got a real cute smile.
Best laugh: Sheila. It’s cute.

Now pick your favorite quote(s):

Bloody fucking hell !!!

He’s (or She’s) so damn snoggable, shaggable, and fuckable.

Trust in some cases is evil as evil itself. (Courtesy of yours Truly)

Sore Wa Himitsu Desu

BAKA !!!

Aigoo Chamna !!!

Life sucks and you suck life.


  1. Lady Athena on

    I can’t wait till tomorrow! My parents and I are gonna go see The Chamber of Secrets, but we have to wait until Saturday, so that way my mom doesn’t have to rush, since she works early on Saturday.

    I found out something interesting about the phrase "Sore wa himitsu desu", along with Xellos’ finger waggle. There was another anime character before him who does that and her name is Electra (or Medina).

    Anyway, I’m off. Ja!

  2. *smiles* Hey, I happen to like your layout! Lol Yes, the movie’s actually really good, quite better than the first one. I went with a friend of mine to a screening of it earlier today, and it’s around two hours and forty minutes long. You’ll like it! ^^

  3. I cant wait! But i probably will anyway. lol :D This weekend is gonne be a mess X_x;;

    14 year olds: AHHHH! HARRY!!! *swoon*
    Nessie: X____x;;;

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