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I am tired. I stayed up till 6 AM last night because I couldn’t sleep. x_x;; And I woke up at 1:20 PM. I swear my sleeping schedule is farked up once again. Whatever. Hung out with Jen again yesterday. Went to Classe and then went to Karaoke again. Yes we got no life. There is nothing else to do. *shrugs* But we did plan to go to Myung Dong this Saturday and go see Signs this Sunday I think. Whatever. When we were a Classe, we were sitting around and naming all the snoggable, shaggable, and fuckable guys out there. They range from Celebritys to friends to Anime/Game characters lol. We definitely had a HUGE list. We were even talking about how some of the older guys are shaggable. Ie: Mel Gibson, Richard Gere, Alan Rickman, and etcetc. *swoons* We had fun with that.

Dad rented me two movies again. They were Runaway Bride and The Rainmaker. I already seen RB, but wanted to see it again. Kinda freaky. I was reading a HP version of that (Runaway Groom) and next thing I know my dad rented that for me. Haha. Well I had a good laugh over both the fic and the movie. ^_^ Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are one of the cutest couple!! Tee hee!

Oh man. The Rainmaker was an awesome movie. Damn if it’s possible that movie got me wanting to study Law. But I won’t. I hate legal bullcrap. So I’ll stay away from it. But dang. That movie was emotional and intense. Jen is right. That movie was awesome. x_x;; Yes I was crying. Espescially at the part when Baylor was doing his rebuttal to the jury. Where Donny Ray was on that screen thing. Wow. So intense. If this was a true story, then… x_X;; Damn. That’s all I can say. Damn. Yep. I enjoyed my movie time. Mwahaha.


  1. Lady Athena on

    *chuckles* Yes, I must concur that Alan Rickman is most *definitely* shaggable.

  2. 6am? wow…i dont know how people can do that.

    yeah rainmaker was a really good movie. very..hmm….moving

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