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I hate being underage. But then again the thought of turning 18 this January is scaring the shit out of me. Anyone else ever feels that way? Like you can’t wait till you become legally for almost all shit, yet you feel apphrehensive about leaving your childhood and teen years behind? I had a conversation with my mum today about how this January I will be an adult and all that shit. And how much more responsibility I’ll get. Just thinking about more responsibilities is freaking me out. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to it and I am dreading it. Then again I probably won’t feel that different when I do turn 18, yet … the psychological parts of it scares me I suppose. Strange. Jen says I’m the most pragmatic and pessimistic person she’s known, and yet this little fact of reality is scaring me. Aigoo.

Even though I’m freaking out over it, I still can’t wait till I turn 18 at least. I mean damn. Today Jen, Charles, Sheila, and I went to Havanna, a cafe/hof place. The waitress that was serving us for some odd reasons asked for identification to see if we were underage. *bitterly* Of course Jen and Charles are 19, and in Korea and other Asian countries, you add one more year, so they are considered 20 instead. Well since the legal drinking age there is 20, I was considered underage. So needless to say I was pissed. And what pissed me more is that, that was the first time any place I went asked for our ID Cards. Surprised all of us. But the lady knew I was gonna sneak in some Soju, so she brought me a shot glass anyways. But still that ticked me off. It’s just … sheesh. However it’s odd how everywhere I go buy cigs, NO ONE asks if I am over age or not. They just give it to me. Then again now I am legally allowed to buy cig, since the age is 18 here. *nods* Yay for me. *sighs* Sucks how I look so young. People think I am younger than my age. Ah bah! That might have given away to that waitress that I was underage. Pooey.

Well after Havanna, Jen and I went to Karaoke and sang ourselves silly. Singing is good. Very good. Though I suck! ^_^ Ohwell. That was my lovely night for today. I’m glad I went out. This was the first time I went out of the house since Tuesday. Yes I was restless so I had to go out! Ah the polluted city air felt good on me when I went out. It wasn’t that good as everyone said. Odd. Ohwell. Maybe it’s the fact of wearing 2 shirts with jacket helped lol. Well whatever.


  1. Lady Athena on

    Turning 18 did not scare the shit out of me…it was turning 20 this year that scared the shit outta me. Damn, I’m gettin’ old.

  2. eeeeeeeeeee!! karaoke! silly singing! i’m so jealous! i haven’t had time to do that in so long! *cheers*

  3. I’ll be 18 in February!! AHHH! X_X; i was just thinking about that today… "Oh shit, it’s gonna be a wake up call for isnt it? ;-;"

    WAHHHHHH *stays a child* T_T;;;

  4. Also – screw responsibilities! >___>;;

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