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Today is Thursday and I didn’t go to school yesterday, so I ended up getting a 6 day weekend. Woot! And I didn’t go to school yesterday because I was sick. Tuesday I started off sneezing and got runny nose. Then I got home and after being on the pc for couple hours, I was exhausted. I think the cold was getting to me. So I went to bed at 6 PM. Can’t you believe it? Yes that early. Then I woke up at 12 AM and didn’t fall asleep till 2, and then dad woke me up at 6, but I told him I did not feel good, so I went back to sleep. So yes I didn’t go to school. Even after all those hours of sleep, I was still weak and tired. Aigoo.

But yeah whatever. I still am sick, but a little better. I got my report card though and am rather surprised by the results. They are:

Advanced Band :: A+
CWE :: A+
Visual Basics :: A+
CSS :: B
Cisco Networking :: A-
AP Government :: B-
English 12 :: A

That’s 3.85 or should I say 3.9 GPA baby! ^^ Hehe… I was VERY surprised with the grade in Government. Last I checked I got a C and the last test I took, I got a 60% so I don’t know how the hell it jumped up to a B-. Ohwell… ^^;; But damn this report card is good. Too fucking bad I didn’t get an A in CSS or I’d gotten a 4.0 once again lol. Ohwell! ^^

Oh and Mochi, that’s a different Tara. ^^ Yes there are after all more than one Taras on this planet! ^^ But we could always collaborate on a site together. I always wanted too with you haha! Ohwell. I’m outs now!

“You are a smooth chick.” You have a knack for greatness. For the record,you are:

66% Un-telligent!
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  1. Lady Athena on

    Good job on your grades! I’m hoping for about the same, but I’m only taking 4 classes, however the stress is immense.

    We *finally* started Access in my computer class today. I hated Excel with a passion. I totally slacked off in that part of the course.

    My Bussiness class is what I’m worried about. Thank God that he drops the two lowest quiz grades or I’d be in so much deep shit. That class bums me out to the max.

    Anyway, ja ne!

  2. Whoa! Nice new layout ^^’

  3. Chibi Misao on

    EEE! Harry Potter! ^____^ Lovely:)

    Frankly, the Chamber of Secrets was my least favorite book out of the series, but I’ll go see the move anyway for the heck of it:) Comes out in seven days (not that I’ve been counting…XD) Stupid book five needs to come out soon…

    Oh yes, congrats on your report card^^x *thumbs up*

  4. you have some weird subjects at your school….cisco networking?!?!?! that sure is some advanced stuff!

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