Harry Potteryness

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Yes. Fear me. Yes I’m insane. Yes this sucks, but I have good reasons for putting up. They would be:

1) Other than editing the original Harrys images, I ACTUALLY made the entire layout in Photoshop 6.0. It took me 3 hours to make it and I did NOT have a good time figuring out Adobe un-userfriendly product. Other than that, I did enjoy experimenting the filter business. *nods*

2) If I worked my butt off of a layout, I do not put it to waste. I will use it, no matter how sucky it is. Most of the time that is. x_x;;

3) To commemorate the opening of the 2nd movie, despite the fact how I HATED the first movie. *shrugs* I am only commemorating it for the Slytherins. Tom, Lucius, Severus… yes I love badasses. And beside after I see the movie like 2 months later, I shall be able to mock it! Mwahaha!

Yes I’m insane and I don’t care. Because of my mental illness here, I think the only cure is to get comments. And yes I know the image is huge, but I think my self-porptionation disappeared for a day. Not to mention, I think I was aiming too much for 1024 resolutions. Oi… It just looks huge in 800. Other than that, it’s fine in 1024. ^^;;; Well do comment and thank god I only got 2 days of shool this week!


  1. eeew harry potter!! jks. at least u make it look good =)

    i dont know what the fuss about mr pothead is all about…the lord of the rings pissed all over it. and shit on it too.

  2. oh! oh oh oh! harry potter!!!!!! i really like those filters!!!

  3. at least you tried ^___^"""
    j/k its real purdy, I’ve seen daniel radcliffe and his new ‘do is fucking hilarious.

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