Carnie Station Adventures

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Last night was awesome. Well most of it that is. The part of coming home suckassed. But let me start from the beginning. Jen called me at about 5:30 and I met up with her and Charles at her house. Then we met up Drew, Josh, Eric, James, Kenny, and Mike at Family Mart. Then we met up with Sheila at the subway station. After getting lost in the subway (which was stupid considering how someone suggested we get off at this one stop, and we had to transferred 4 times total. I suggested that we all get off at Sadang so we’d only have to transfer once, but they didn’t listen to me.) we finally reached Gangnam at about 6:30ish. There we met Caren and Shelli. Yes I know. We got a huge group. Later Minsoo and Will joins the already big group.

But we got to Carnie (pronounced Cah-Rah-Nee) Station and we couldn’t get seats. It was already packed, so we reserved seats for about 16 people (I think. I lost count.) at 8:10. For about an hour, we all split up and walked around Gangnam. I bought this pink (ugh) picture frame thingie for Jen. It costed 7,800 won. About 5.50 bucks. That was for her belated birthday present. Then I got a hairpin for my mom and that cast me about 4 thousand won. Which was about 3 bucks I suppose. We went to the Body Shop and … shit. That place was bloody expensive. I found this nice lip balm but it was way too expensive for me. 6,500 won. That’s way too expensive. I wanted to buy it, but didn’t have enough money.

Well at 8:10ish, the group all met up at Carnie again and we got our seats. The time has come for us to tuck in, as Dumbledore would have said! ^_^ Oh wow. The food was awesome. It was an all you can eat buffet style thing. We got to choose all these meats and stuff and cook it ourselves. Oh wow. Not to mention all you can drink soda and alcohol!! *_* The food was good. I had a plate of spaghetti, sweet and sour pork, some meat we cooked, mandu (dumplings) and ice cream! I had a feast! Mwahaha! As for alcohol … I had to try several kinds before I settled which I liked the best. I tried the red wine first. Not bad, but I don’t like it much. Then I tried Scotch Whiskey (I think) and … I liked the after taste effect, but all in all it taste like shit. Then I had a couple shot of this and that (drinks that other people got and we tasted each others) and then I found the alcohol liquor of my dream. Other than flavoured soju and screwdriver (they had Vodka, but no orange juice x_x), Cacao Liqour has become my new favourite drink. It’s sweet and I liked it! Oh man. I had like 2 tumbler of that and … got rather tipsy. Jen forbade me from drinking any more. I guess I’m thankful that she did that. But everyone must have thought I was DRUNK, but really I wasn’t. *shrugs* Ohwell. But damn I loved that shit!

Well Jen, Mike, and I then left at about 10:30ish. We caught a cab and the fee came up to be about 5 bucks. Not bad. I got home and my mum and I had an argument about my … alcoholic escapee. My dad didn’t care that I drink, but my mum. Oh man she was a bitch about it. Needless to say I’m still pissed over that. My punishment is this: Come home at 9 from now on. Oh no. Hell no. She’s being an unreasonable bitch about this whole thing. 9? Bloody fucking hell! I mean … damn. I swear I HATE overprotective mothers! *glowers* And the argument was stupid. My mum asked me if I wasn’t a bit sorry for drinking. I wasn’t. And then she went on about how saying sorry was the most proper thing to do in a situation like that. Well I don’t think so. I wasn’t sorry one bit, and she told me before that she hates lies more than anything else, and I wasn’t about to lie to her. I will only say sorry to her when I mean it. *scowl* I hate her logic. Hell parents got the stupidest logic at times. Then again so do I. But really 9 o’clock curfew is an outrage. I don’t give a damn. I will break that curfew tonight. After I try reasoning with her that is… if she will not reason, then neither will I.


  1. Lady Athena on

    *sigh* I feel like that almost everyday. And I have *both* parents to deal with. I can’t even drive to the music store if it’s 7pm. Talk about tough luck. I know they love me and all, but geez…I’m 20 yrs. old! Sometimes, it can be really nerve wrecking.

  2. you sure u did all that in one night? hehe. sounds like a whole lotta fun!

  3. hehe, you make me look soooo boring… yo, tara-chan! are you making an X site?!?!?!?! that’s so cool! we can totally collaborate! lemme know kay?

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