Kristine and Carney

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Ah. I had fun at Kristine’s house yesterday. I love her dog, Kirby. Now he’s the most energetic I’ve met in my short life so far. Needless to say I was glad that my height was tall enough. Or that dog would have knocked me over more than once. ^^ But it was a lovable dog. Odd how that dog loves licking people. I hardly come upon dogs in Korea that licks you. Ohwell. But we watched Erin Brockovich and I think she liked it. She’s lucky she got the computer in her room. I envy her XD Ohwell. But yes it was fun. I left at about 8 o’clock. And I almost got lost in the subway station. I didn’t know which side I had to go x_x;; I hate the subways here. Too confusing for me.

Well Jen invited me to go to Carney Station (sp?) tonight for Charles’ birthday. It’s a restaurant where they offer an all you can eat and drink place for 20 thousand won. That’s about 18 bucks. Not bad. Not to mention the drinks are alcoholic. *evil grin* I told my dad and he told me to stay out of the alcohols. *pouts* Well I won’t get drunk, but I will not leave without tasting some whiskey there. *nods* I paid that much so I will try some! Can’t wait. I hope they don’t change their mind. I really want to go there once. It sounds like a cool place. But we’ll see. In the meantime I’m gonna listen to this song repeteadedly till I get sick of it. Sing with me people ^^

*sings* Once upon a time I was falling in love, and now I’m only falling apart…


  1. Lady Athena on

    *sighs* I love that song…

  2. I would sing along, but I don’t know the lyrics. *SWEATDROP* Sorry. But, anyway, I do hope you are really enjoying your time, and please don’t get drunk. I know, you won’t. I also know that I trust you very much and that you are smart enough to know what not to do. Okay…I’m sounding like a parent and that is NOT what I intended to do… *SWEATDROP* Um…I better get off…

  3. Whiskey, eh? Tsk, tsk, tsk…and you said what about ME drinking? Well, I never really had a problem, but… I best shut up…

  4. As in accordance to what kun-hyung said, I know that you know what you are doing. Enjoy your time! ^^

  5. *SINGS "I’M HIGH"* Well, control is the word of the day. Now work it right. Enjoy your day, enjoy your time, enjoy your life. Ugh….I sound like a philosopher…..

  6. Be careful with what you drink, okay nuna? *SMILE* At least you are enjoying your time. *SIGH* Last week was a major stress producer…and we have almost twenty workbook pages in German to finish *or start* and a major PowerPoint project due on Monday afternoon for AP English. We’re doing the Canterbury Tales and I got the Monk… Of all people…. Evidently, the teacher knew I had something to do with religion so she gave me the Monk and Justin Lynch got the Friar while Andrew Knowles got the priest *Andrew is Presbytarian* Hehe, I know I know… you don’t like religion. Don’t read the Canterbury Tales…unless you already have. Whew, it is LONG! Anyways, we also have Calculus work to do…and we don’t understand it! And to top it off, the math expert *setje hyung* won’t stop leaving all the math work for makne-hyung to do *he called it punishment*. I don’t get it… *SWEATDROPS* Oh, before I go, I’d like to ask if you have time on the eighth. You know what I mean…^^

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