4 Day Weekend!

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I love November! ^_^ I got a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow! And then next week is a 5 day weekend! 2 week later, another 4 day weekend! I’m telling you November is the best month if you go to my school! We only got 1 full week of school in November. So all in all I got the days off on these days:

Nov 1 :: Educator’s Day
Nov 4 :: Teacher’s Work Day (Uh-Oh)
Nov 7 / 8 :: Parent Teacher’s Conferences (Double Uh-Oh)
Nov 11 :: Veteran’s Day
Nov 28/29 :: Thanksgiving Break

Woot! ^_^ All those days off! Mwahahaha! Time to work on some neglected sites and fanfics!~ Yay! Tomorrow I go to Kristine’s house. I hope she emails me back with her phone number! ^^ Hehe. Oh the joy of bunch of days off! I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE November now!!


  1. well university is way better :P i only have classed 2 days a week so ner!

  2. i’m soo envious… i’d love to have some time off… thxgivin break seems so faar aawwaaaay! uni is not better that way…

  3. Enjoy your long breaks.

  4. OYJ, EYH, EH, EYJH, HYJ on

    Sigh…we remember November when WE were there… we miss that school.

  5. I don’t know why my name was added in the previous entry, but I will say that I do envy your school. *POUTS* *SMILES* ^_^ You know I wouldn’t get cranky like that! *HEE HEE* BTW…what is a pouf?

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