Mum’s B-Day

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Today’s my mum’s second birthday. To be more accurate her lunar birthday. I’m glad I don’t have to keep track of the lunar calendar with the Julian calendar as well. However my Korean relatives do, so yeah. That’s why we are celebrating my mum’s birthday again. It’s pretty mind boggling. ^^;; I didn’t get her anything. I celebrate her American Birthdays, so yeah. I know I should celebrate both, but one is enough for me. Hell I don’t even celebrate my lunar birthday so whatever.

So yeah most of my Korean relatives are over at my house and it’s chaotic for me. So I am in seclusion with my computer. Yes I don’t interact with my relatives much. Don’t ask. I like keeping to myself. I’ve been like that since I turned 13. Or something like that. However the only good thing about having this kind of relatives get together thing is the food. XD Yes the food. My aunt and my mom spent the whole day cooking today. Yum. They made Bulgogi (literally means Fire Meat, but it’s a tasty meat dish of seasoned meat. Eat it with rice, and it’s heaven!), Chapchae (Korean version of Chow Mein I supposed, but much better.), Potato Salad Sandwiches (Don’t ask. It’s good end of story.), Seaweed Soup (Korean custom to eat that on your birthday. Supposedly gives you good luck and make you healthier.), and my dad brought home Popeyes Chicken. *sweatdrops* Yeah. But needless to say I enjoyed my bulgogi! ^^ I love those. Yum yum.

So yeap. Oh yeah I found out how the heater got broken yesterday. Couple kids wanted a 3 day weeekend or so, so they found the heater room and cut some wires. Or so I heard. *shrugs* Ohwell. I got pissed today. I stayed up till 1 AM last night doing my damn AP Gov’t essay and found out today that it’s not due till Thursday. Oh the joy! >_<;; God. And I know my teacher said it was due today. Damn him. *sighs* I swear teachers in this universe are all sadists! Blah!! Whatever. I'm neglecting my cousins so I better go to them. One of them is tired of watching dinosaurs movies, so I think I'll be nice today and let them play my PS2 for once. I'll only let them play Crazy Taxi, since that's the only game that's playable for them. *nods* I hate kids. I swear. But I love my cousins. Contradictory. That's the story of my life.


  1. Lady Athena on

    Wah! I want 2 b-days! That would be sooo great, but, alas I was born into an American/Italian family, so like that’s gonna happen any time soon.

    However, on my mom’s side, they do celebrate All Saint’s/Soul’s Day, so I get presents from my relatives in Sicily on that day.

    About the kids thing, I can only say this: kids are great…when they’re not yours. Ja!

  2. Two birthdays!?! I must think about the possibility of celebrating twice! Thanks for the idea! Yay!

  3. yeah im like that, whenever my parents have friends over, im in my room hiding…

  4. So it was your mom’s umyrok birthday today, huh? I never celebrated one. I don’t even know when mine is. *SWEATDROPS* Oh well, maybe I’ll find out one day.

  5. I always get confused with the while birthday thing. And kids….God I hate them. You ought to know. *SMIRK*

  6. o.0 I want two birthdays. lol.

  7. hey tara, do you know what this is? randomness i know but my friend was bored

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