Heater Spreater

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Yay. School was dismissed after 3rd period today! ^^ We got to go home during lunch. The heaters in all three schools were acting rather funky, so they sent us home. They didn’t want us to freeze. Haha. So noble of them. Ohwell. I’m glad. I didn’t have to go to CSS. Woot!

I asked dad today if I could get drunk on my 18th birthday. He said that I am not old enough in Korean law. I said American Law Speaking, Could I get drunk. He just said that getting drunk means getting sick. *shrugs* He’s right, but I want to feel high and get drunk at least once in my lifetime. So I’ll do that at my 18th birthday. But he said that I can as long as I am with someone I can trust and I am not at a too public place. So we’ll see. My birthday isn’t till Jan, so we’ll defintely see. Can’t believe I got the nerve to ask him that lol. Ohwell.

I hate end of quarter. x_x;; I got all these assignments for my classes that are due this week. Thank god for 4 day weekend and then no school next Thurs and Fri as well! I love November! ^^ Go look at my Memo on the sidebar! ^^ Haha. Welp I gotta go back to my Harry S. Truman essay for Gov’t. *glare at it*


  1. hmm drinking isn’t all that good u know…u get drunk, u act silly, possibly spew up and u feel like crap the next day…oh well. go and get drunk anyway ^_^

  2. The drinking age here is 21 TC ^^;;; sucks don’t it. Germanys is 16 wohoo!

  3. Crap! I’m so so so sorry I haven’t been here -_-‘ Have I even congratulated you on your new layout yet? If not it’s beautiful :) Linkin Park rocks! Keep it up ^^;

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