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I love that song. Too bad that game isn’t TRANSLATED to English! And it’s odd how I got the second disc and not the first one. I doubt I’ll find it at emart this late now. Speaking of that I read some reviews on Suikoden 3 and it looks rather interesting. And the fact that it’s turn-based RPG, cheered me up. XD I can’t wait till that game comes to PX and I’ll ask Dad to get it for me! ^_^ I hope it’s just as good as the first 2 games were. The graphics look real nice there… but I don’t know. I never was much for 3D graphics games. All I know is that I must get it!

x_x Man I got nothing to blog about these days. My days are abso-fucking-lutely boring. Not to mention repetitive. Why can’t something out of the norm happen to me. Of course what I want is something supernatural so I will never get it. Bleh. *sighs and closes eyes while listening to the soothing music. Odd. The music just makes me want to fly away and go to a land that supposedly is mystical and all that. Pity real life isn’t like that. Just fly away from all your troubles and just float in thin air. I just want to do that sometimes. Like right now. Not to mention to travel back in time if I could. I’d love to go back to my sophomore year. I’d love to go back to the days before going to school. Those days of my innocence. Pity I can’t. Stupid. I tell myself to always dwell on the present and future, and I see myself dwelling on the past. Why can’t I ever follow my own advices? Strange… yet so surreal. Life is nothing but a dream isn’t it? A dream we can’t wake up from. The day we wake up from it is the day we die and our soul float away and our body rots along with nature. Gruesome image yes. And I’m feeling poetic. x_x;; I make no sense at all these days. I think I’m slowly going mental. Yes that must be it. And yes I shall shut up.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    There’s nothing wrong with looking back at the past. Memories are good, but that’s all they should be: memories. The future is like a blank slate. This is your senior year, right? To a lot of people, graduation marks the end of one journey. You can start over and learn from the past:)

    Oh, and two words: carpe diem. It’s actually quite fun if you live one day like that. I’ve tried it before ^_^ lol.

  2. life is very boring isn’t it? Hmm..what to do about it…i need an rpg to play on my ps2…

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