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My subject means Good Grief, It’s Sad. Or something like that. Click. Richard Harris is dead now. And the people already announced his replacement. How rude of them, but not much I can do about it. *sighs* Realism tends to suckass sometimes.

Not only did that dampered my mood, but I just read a real well written HP fic that is just bloody angsty. Hopefully when I go to Jen’s later, I’ll feel happier. This is what I get for reading a fic that has character death. x_x;; But it was so well-written, I couldn’t stop reading it. Ah the temptations of reading does strange things to you.

Not to mention listening to a rather morose music doesn’t help you either. Okay it’s not morose really, but it’s morose for me since I can picture a sad scene that goes along with that music. I am not making any bloody sense here. Bah! I’m just sad right now. Nuff said. And don’t worry about me people. I’ll get happier later. Hopefully.


  1. Lady Athena on

    I know how you feel. When I heard the knews about Richard Harris I was in shock. I wasn’t expecting it.

    Did they really announce a replacement for him already? That sucks. They could have waited for a little while instead of acting like it was no big deal.

    About the angsty fic and song. Yeah, I do that a lot. I’m usually listening to this really pretty, but highly depressing anime song that’s an instrumental piece. And while I’m doing that, I’m reading a very sad story on or something like that. So, I end up going to bed all depressed. However, the next day, I’m fine. Ja!

  2. i am so lost after reading that…i’ll just sit here and suck my thumb.

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