Baby Pictures

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Yes baby pictures. Us seniors have to turn in our baby pictures for the yearbook. I guess it’s cute in a way. We can see how much some of us changed or not changed. *grins* I got 4 choices, but I can only choose one! Hopefully I’ll get some comments before end of the day tomorrow and then I can choose! Ready for me to get mortified and humiliated? ^_^ Then on with it!

Pic #1 :: Human ways of teething. I got bad taste back then!

Pic #2 :: I was listening music even back then? Cool! Wonder if it was a toy or I was actually listening to something…

Pic #3 :: My first X-mas? I don’t know but I must have enjoyed it. Espescially the doggie!

Pic #4 :: Me surrounded by toys! Whee! ^^

Yes. So far most people I’ve asked went for #2. But I don’t know lol. I like all 4. ^^;; Too bad we can’t use all of them. *pouts* Ohwell. I can’t believe I was cute then. Now I’m just like … bleh. CLICK. That’s the most recent pic of me that’s not on my webcam. I was at emart today and Jenny took it with her digi cam. Blargh. I need to lose weight big time. Ohwell ^^;; Yeah as my dad said “What happened!” LoL. *shrugs* Ohwell!

Oh yeah. I skipped 7th period today. It was English and we had a sub, and the plan was to watch “The Odyssey”. So instead I met Jenny during lunch and we went to eat and then to Emart. Whoo hoo. That was fun. Whee. ^^ Don’t give me lecture about how skipping isn’t good. I don’t give a damn. I actually went and got some walking excercise instead of being cooped up in the classroom. *nods* Yeah… well whatever. Baibai now.


  1. wahaha they did that at our school as well. some of the photos were just tooo funny!!

  2. The picture looks cool!!! Much better than the one of me. @_@

  3. I still like the one with the headphones on. ONGAKU all the way!!! And I moved if ya haven’t noticed. Yay! -throws strawberries around-

  4. cutie tara baby!! i like the third one! i never had a big doggie when i was little!

  5. Um….I think I like the third one. You look very cute smiling. ^_^ And the big doggie is cute, too! XD

  6. Okay, the fourth picture won’t come up. But I thought the first one was very nice. Okay….I’ll just say it…..the first one was cute. They all were, but the picture of you biting onto that toy is just so thought-filling. ^_^

  7. Okay, I can’t even see my own writing, but I do know that I liked the thrid own best. Stick with it.

  8. Number two was cute. I guess you really love music! ^_^

  9. Nuna, I think the third one was best. Okay, to be honest, I liked all of them and couldn’t chosose aa favoriteso I decided to choose the same one as setje hyung. ^^;;

  10. aww.. i love the smile on pic 3.. and the pose on pic 2!! how cuteeeee

  11. Ooh #2 is the best to submti to the yearbook. All are adorable, but #2 is a real winner.

    Eh, you’re a senior. If you haven’t skipped yet, you should. Hell, you did. At least you didn’t do what I did–I went to a coffee shop one day with some friends during Calc when there was a sub, drank, and was buzzed through lunch and fourth period. Hee. High school. Not like you were missing much anyway.

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