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I have found my future prom dress. Yes I’ve blogged about this last … Spring? But this is for my senior prom. I will go to this one since … well it is my senior prom! ^^;; Go see! PLUG!!!

I am not gonna order it. I want to have it custom made because it will suck if I have to send it back because it ends up being small or something! I’d rather try it on and get all the measurement correct and then pay. I don’t want to pay for something that expensive and have it all fucked up! No no! And beside I am planning on making it have straps. I do not trust tube tops and I most definitely feel comfortable with the straps! I am also thinking about changing the colour. Yes I like black, but I dunno. Or maybe it will be black. *nods* We’ll see. It’s still a long way off.

Oh yes. I will go to homecoming this year. Fear me. My first and last homecoming. And I am dragging Jen with me. Don’t ask. I need someone to keep me company and she said she’ll go. I think she wanted me to go to at least one homecoming in my high school career. I’m just gonna wear that nice black skirt and black blouse. That’s semi-formal enough. I am NOT buying or getting a dress made for homecoming. Pointless. I think it’s more preferrable to just get a dress for prom and end of story. Prom is Formal. Homecoming isn’t. SO BLEH!

Oh GOD! I still cannot believe I’m a senior. It feels so magical and illusional. I was going through my graduation catalouge (and yes I tallied up all the stuff I want and got $207 bucks. x_x) and I just kept squealing my head off about how I can’t wait till graduation already! Shite! It’s only October and I am already anticipating my grad! I guess that’s normal! ^^ Hee hee! Damn I am on a money spree. Not cool. I guess senior year is also the most expensive year of your life x_X;; Poor daddy. I feel bad for spending all his money on these crap. *sighs* Money is evil I tell you. Boo! Whatever. I’m done!


  1. oooh you’re goin to be the sexiest girl there by the looks of it!!!

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