Snow? Already? Shite!

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Amazing. October and it already snowed in Minnesota! Damn! I’m jealous! We could use a bundle of snow here! ^_^ Hehe. Yes I love snow! x_x But I guess it does get sickening if you see it all winter. Aigoo. But damn… that’s frickin’ early. Dunno why, but reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “The Long Winter”. Didn’t their winter start early there? Hrm…

Well relating to the blog entry below, I’ve decided to just keep the blog and the personal site separate. I mean Chibi Misao did make a good point. If I’d combine them and everytime I got a new layout out … x_x OI! It’d be too many pages to update! Even if I do learn php and whatnot, I’ll just keep it separate. Beside I do need to finish that frickin’ revamp that’s been sitting there forever. I am so bad. It’s been sitting in my hardrive since April! Gah!! Procrastinator me!

I am so anticipating my damn graduation now! I got this little catalouge on ordering our graduation crap and … YAY! I’ll fun figuring out what I wanna order. However my dad was appalled how I had to buy my own cap and gown. He said that the school should provide them. I agree, but I’d rather keep mine forever. Don’t ask people. I’m a packrat at heart. So yeah. But whee! I know I want the graduation teddy! I don’t think I want to order the individual packages. The one I want is 190 bucks. *dies* So I think I shall order just the items I want! After I do some math with it x_X;; I hate math! Evil! Oh yeah I am most defintely cursed. I jammed a printer today. Actually the printer was pretty crappy to begin with x_x;; I was only printing something with 2 pages and it got jammed. Stupid POS.

Well whatever. Here’s a quiz result and I’m outs! ^_^ *happily bounces away to her catalouge*

Which fandom archetype are you?
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  1. i’ve never seen snow, never been in it never never =(
    is it like the stuff you find in freezers?

  2. it snowed here in alberta last night! We were all pissed when we got to work this morning.. grr it’s not supposed to snow till after halloween

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