To Do Or Not To Do

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Yes I am debating on combining my poor neglected Personal Site (Musical Me) with this blog. What you guys think? Should I or should I not? Tell me please! And yes this is a cheap way for me to get comments! I miss my comments XD Yes I am pathetic and I don’t give a damn right now. Speaking of pathetic, I got 2 test tomorrow and no way near am I prepared for neither of them. Well maybe the CWE one considering how spanking easy it will be. But Government is a whole different crap. Augh! Dun Dun Dun! Doomsday.

Well nothing going on with my life. I saw The Tuxedo. The one with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I admit it was funny and silly, but not one of the best movie I’ve seen. And I hated Hewitt’s character. God. So annoying. Wanted to bitchslap her. Yes she’s overrated and I hate overrated crap most of the time. And I don’t care how pretty she is (yes she’s pretty to my standard) but there are more better actresses out there! Ie: Leelee Sobieski, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt and etc. ^^ But whatever. I am hoping that the next HP movie and the next LoTR movie will come in time before the movie theatre start charging us people again. I love that free movie policy! Mwah! The benefits of being a military or civvie brats! Whatever. I’m outs now.


  1. I saw that movie last night, it was okay. Probably the only James Bondish movie (if you wanna call The Tuxedo that… lol)I’ll ever see that I’ll admit to liking.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    My blog used to be a combination of a personal site/blog, and I really liked it that way:) I only separated it simply because I didn’t like changing layouts for more than one page too much…but I dunno. It’d be interesting to see what you do. And I wish JK Rowling would hurry up and give us the fifth book *needs an HP fix* XD

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