20 Grand Hits… Wow

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Okay 20 Grand hits. Bloody fucking amazing. Wow. People like to come here that much to read about my ranting and bitching? LoL. Ohwell. Let’s see if I can make it till 30 Grand now. Nevertheless thanks people. Haha. XD

God… I got nothing to say. And I had a bunch of crap in my head and I can’t form them in words. Probably a side effect from being tipsy last night. Yes I got pretty tipsy last night. I was having a bad day so yeah. I drank like 1/4th of Blocker’s Kettle (Powerade with Soju and Yogurt) and a whole bottle of 10% Alcoholic Lemon Soju. Dang I felt high. But still coherent enough and all. Even though I did nearly fall couple times walking. Strange what effects alcohol does to you. Mind you the last time I got tipsy or buzz was like October of 2000 so no big deal. 2 whole fucking years of being abstinent of not getting tipsy/buzz/drunk. Hell I’m looking forward to my 18th birthday now and getting drunk my ass off. I’ve always wondered how I’d act if I was drunk. Ohwell. As of now I got 3 more months till the big day comes.

Whatever. I absolutely not nothing useful to blog about. Then again when do I ever get anything useful to blog about anyways. Ohwell. Time for me to shaddup.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Hey hey, congrats on the 20k mark:) And nice layout ^___^ Jeez I miss reading this blog *hugglyglomps* Take care:)

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