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I swear I am cursed in Cisco. I retook this one test and still I just got a 70% and that’s what I got the first time I took it! Darnit x_X;; Ohwell. I found out my class rank yesterday. Rather surprised with the results. I am 38th out of 133. That’s like 29% highest in my class. O_O Well if I just maintain my GPA, I’ll qualify for the funky Ladum thing. Whatever those are called. Well class is almost over whoo hoo! ^^ Here are some quizzes I found. Interesting…and AP Gov’t is evil. Mwah.

The Harry Potter Fortune-Teller

??? Uhm yeah…

ICK! X_X!!!!!

What type of slash writer are you?

Hell yah baby! ^_^ Slash rules dammit!


  1. Lady Athena on

    Hehe…all government classes are evil. You’re the 38th out of your class? Man, I was the 139th out of mine (of course, there were 465 students graduating out of my class, so that’s not *too* bad). Well, I suck at school, so there’s no big surprise there. I put all of my school work off until the last minute. Oh well. Ja ne!

  2. Oh man… so close. What do you have to get to pass the test? I thinking about getting certified.. but I’m not sure in what yet. heh

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