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Yes I’m really getting way too simple with my layouts. I don’t care. This stupid “simple” layout took me forever to code last night and I’m not gonna let it go to waste. CSS can be annoying. Gargh. I like the clean table look. Mwah. And not to mention cutie pics of Mike! ^^ My current concubine and obsession. Yep. Nothing else is new. Other than the fact that school began at 11 for us people that weren’t taking the PSATs. Whee. Whatever. Tell me what you think and click on more if you want to see some quiz results I took.

I have issues with…

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…RIGHT. Whatever.

What Item of Harry’s Clothing Are You?

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Oh lookie, seems like your Harry’s Robes. Sleak, sexy velvet and you cling to his whole body. You keep him warm throughout the year, and lucky you, used as a dressing gown when he gets out of the shower. Envied.

…Okay. So I’m his robes? No thank you!

Really…who are you from the Harry Potter Pervs Inc?
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Armand, co-Queen of Pervs. Your name may mean warrior and you may inspire fear in annoying newbies but you’re one of the most kind hearted and friendly of Pervs Incorporated. You are famous for your 15 pt. green and silver font representing your house – Slytherin. Though you are the quiet member of the family, you are certainly one of the perviest hence the your royal designation.

I don’t get this, but ohwell.


  1. Mike Shinoda! SWEET! he rocks and he’s pretty damn good looking too :D Anyways, love the new layout and there is nothing wrong with simplicity.

  2. Oh Tara, you know I love the layout anyway :P Awesome possum!

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