Government Sucks?

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Yes I hate that subject. >_< ;; I will change out at semester time. I cannot stand it. Government is NOT my forte period. I mean it took me 2 weeks to realize that the Congress consisted of a House and a Senate. Then it took me a long time to realize what the stupid VA and NJ plans were and how it related to Senate and the House. Not to mention I still am lost when it comes to ammendments and bills and all that crap! Gah I am hopeless in that subject. And not to mention I am still lost about the difference between electoral votes and popular votes! This government system is fucking confusing! Maybe dictatorship IS better than democracy! GAH! I hate the US government system. Now I sorely regret taking AP Gov't. I only decided to take it because I figured that teacher would be a better teacher than the normal gov't teacher. Well I am obviously lost in AP and I'd still be lost in regular gov't! Pathetic pathetic pathetic. Aigoo. Well here's a quiz result of a ... quiz. *shrugs* End of rant.

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