Walking Good

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Nothing feels good as a good walk at like about 8:30 pm. The night air feels so nice around me and of course in spite of that I am breathing the nasty, polluted, city air. Funny how I’m a city girl and I point out so many bad shit about it. I am a hypocritical human being. Yay. Damn I never feel like doing anything but sleep and read fics anymore. I don’t feel like blogging much either. Bleh. I feel like doing jack. I don’t know why I’m so tired these days. Even when I do go to bed at 9 PM or something, I am still insatiated from my sleep. Damn. Good thing 3 1/4 weekend is coming up. The 1/4 part came in because the people that aren’t taking the PSATs, don’t have to go to school till 11 AM. Yay…

Dammit. My life is boring these days. And I want to know why I am taking all these damn courses for my senior year. All I needed this year was my damn English and Government credits. Why am I bothering to take the other courses? Sure I’ll graduate with like a 28 credits instead of the 24 minimum. But if those extra credits could be used for my college credits, then I’d be feeling a bit happier about it. But no. It don’t work that way. Dumbass school. Who gives a damn if it’s one of the best DoDDS school out there. Bull fucking craps.

Damn I hate how band is not the first priority anymore. I remember back in 7th grade when being in band was cool and how band comes first. Now fucking sports and other stuff like MUN takes over it. Jazz band is every Thursday after school and it’s been like that for 3 weeks now. Of course MUN had to butt in and put in a mock session thing that takes place today after school instead of Friday. Considering how some of the Jazz band members are in MUN, Ms. Lee had no choice but to cancel it. That pissed me off today. Oh well. Screw it. Band is getting repetitive anyways. Life is fucking repetitive. Hell this blog entry is making no sense and it’s starting to sound like a stupid self-pity entry. Maybe I just need to sleep it off. I guess I should. Sleep here I come and it shall be interuppted tomorrow at 6 AM so I can go to the prison called school. Whoopee fucking doo.