Hair! ^_^

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Yes I got my hair … not perm, but more like body waved! ^_^ Only about 18 bucks and really it costed like 38 bucks, but the lady decided to be nice and give me discount. XD I love how it turned out! But since it’s a mild kinda perm thingie, I dunno how long before my hair gives out and become straight again. x_x; Oi. Ohwell! I’m happy! I was debating on cutting it or getting it waved and I’m glad I chose this! ^^ Ignore the expression the picture… I had to hold the struggling webcam and position it and all. *roll eyes* I really hate it. I want a better one. ^^ But anyways the experience was torturous, but the results rocks! Whoo hoo!


  1. ^_^ ish cute!

  2. Ara! So pretty! ^__^ I love it!

  3. cybrpunk on

    Cute! You have sort of a Bjork look going on in that pic.

  4. I like your hair! I also like the new layout for I think it looks great.

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