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P L U G!!!!!!!!

Yes new layout at TCK. Whoo hoo. I am seriously lacking my layout skills, but I don’t care. I’m satisfied with this one. I know it’s simpler and suckier compared to my previous ones, but I don’t care. I was getting tired of the anniversary layout. ^^;; Aigoo. I haven’t been getting much done with my websites. I hope it’s not a sign that I’m losing interest. >_< ;; That wouldn't be good would it? Aigoo. Well tell me what you think of the layout anyways. If you ask me who it is, I will smack you. Just go to Sitey --> About Current Layout. It’s not that hard to look around XD.

I love the song I’m listening to right now. Hans Zimmer is amazing. *nods* Okay so sue me. I’m biased. XD I love modern composers. Funny how you find them in odd industries such as video games and movies ^_^ Ohwell. I took my senior pics yesterday. I have no freaking clue how it’s gonna turn out. I tried my best to keep my facial expression still. But it was bloody impossible for me. Even though the guy tried to calm me down, I still had trouble. But the guy was very patient. *nods* I chose the Graduate Package. That’s the package where you dress up in those stupid drapes (or suits for guys) and the cap and gown. I felt pretty damn dumb. I had to wear this tube top for the drape and I had push the bra straps down. Then drape the thing over me. Let’s just see that was my first experience with tube top and I HATE IT! Whoever thinks it’s comfortable is insane. I mean if I was FORCED to wear that to school, I’d be worrying sick about it not falling off of me or something! I’m paranoid like that.

Well yeah … then I did the caps and gown one. Let’s just say I had a hard time figuring out how to wear the gown. So sue me. I never actually WORE one before. Now I did. But whatever. I hope the pictures come out good. He made me sit through way too many shots. I thought I’d be blinded when it was all over. Oh well. But yeah they better come out good. Dad didn’t pay 45 bucks for nothing. x_X;; I wanted to do the prestige package (which was those 2 outfits and then an outfit of your choice), but I decided against it since I could just go get star shots. It will be cheaper and prettier. *nods* Ohwell. That is if I DO GO. XD. Yep. That was my senior protraits experience. I hope I don’t have to do it again!

Sheila was taking the pictures at about the same time as me. We left together and at that time it started to rain. I guess I should be glad it started after all the photo fiasco. Well we just made a mad dash to BK and the rain made my hair returned to its normal state. Geez thanks rain. If I ever want my hair to be it’s normal messy way I’ll just stay under you *roll eyes* Whatever. Okay I’m done babbling. ^^


  1. Whoa…I love it! It’s so dark and *makes mysterious noise* lol. Come on MSN some time =( I miss you.

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