Senior Pics…

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I just got home from the beauty salon. I made an appointment at 11 and my pic time isn’t until 3:45. Well I made the appointment early cuz I thought it’d take 2 hours. How wrong I turned out to be! So yeah… I got 3 more hours to go. *dies* Well here are some pics… sorry for making them big. I had to. The smaller options would not capture most of my hair so yeah. *nods*

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

I gotta admit they did a nice job. ^^ But … bloody expensive for wash and style. It was 19.25 *dies* Too expensive for me! But I guess it’s worth the money. And damn I hate my webcam quality! *stabs webcam* Now let’s hope I can keep this hair the way it is by the time it’s my pic time. *hums Toccatta and Fugue theme or whatever it’s called*


  1. ^_^ Very pretty Tara! I like it!

  2. krysten on

    Hey Tara! Gah, I havn’t talked to you in MONTHS! I feel so bad about it! Anyways, it’s krysten from! ehehe ^_^;;; I love the new domain, wonderful layout! oh so pretty~ Ooo and your hair looks great! yea… I miss you! ^_^;;;

  3. COOL! your hair looks lush! it really suits you! =3

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