Sucksation of Past Memories

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You know that the past really suck if it catches up with you in a supposedly good time. I feel like crying when I am chatting with Eric. I just miss him so much. Hell I miss him and Mi Son so much. I thought I gotten over it. Apparently not. It sucks yo. It just sucks when realizations of the fact how I got no actual person to confide into like I did with Mi Son or Eric isn’t here. I mean granted I got friends, but … there aren’t the ones I can call true friends. The only one that’ll reach at least somewhere up in the level of semi-true friends is Jen. Other than that, I got no one. It hurts.

I love you guys online. Don’t get me wrong on that, but nothing is more better than having someone face to face rather than over a damn monitor and keyboard. I mean hell. My junior year is still caught up with me. I go back to last February and I wonder why I didn’t just break down totally and get sent to the damn mental institution. Sometimes I wished I could have at least fake it. But then again no. I’d like to think I’m stronger than that. Even though I don’t feel like it at all.

Okay I know there are many others in the world that probably suffered 10x worst than me, but it nevertheless suck. It just suck. And I found out how I could have met both Mi Son AND Eric this summer. But due to dire circumstances, Eric didn’t come. Oh man that ruined my good mood for a bit when I was chatting with him. *sighs* Not to mention he told me that his dad got news from Korea and they might move with him to come back here. But not him. He got college. Those damn governments were a year too late. And great he just logged off… I hope his dad didn’t catch him. Or his mom. *sighs* Bloody unsympathetic parents.

Ohwell. Other than that tomorrow is my senior protrait and today I wore a nice black blouse and skirt that I saw at the PX for $9.50 (blouse) and $30 (skirt). They were both 50% off of the original price so I thought it was a bargain. I like the skirt. Mwaha… whatever. I’m shutting up now.


  1. T-Chan! I hate it when your upset. I’m upset too! Someone left nasty comments about you on my blog! That bastard must die!!!! Anyway, I send you lots of hugs and kisses and hope that somehow brightens up your day.

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