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Yes new layout. Damn I am seriously losing my creativity >_< ;; Someone just shoot me now. *sighs* Oh well. Do tell me what you think. I was bored and I decided to try something on PSP and ... aigoo. Didn't turn out well. Ah well. I finally got a 100% on that friggin' CSS Exam. And they switched the site around! >_<;; GAHHHH! Stupid POS. Why now in the middle of the term? Damn them. I seriously got nothing else to blog about so ja ne.


  1. Super cool layout Tara! No you are not losing your creativity girl *knock your head* , your designs are still as amazing and creative as usual! ^_^

  2. Whoa! Hot new layout ;) Lol, I think it’s very droolable Tara =)

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Whee-hee! Another super-duper layout by Tara-chan ^__^ Me like!:)

  4. Kalirose on

    I love the layout, Tara-chan! How’d you do that marble looking side border? I love it. Whatta mean you have no originality? I think it’s very original!

  5. It sounds like you don’t seem to like your own layout very much. ^^ I personally, beg to differ, and love it to pieces at the moment. *goes to look again* I love the WoG art and the pretty pretty font you used at the bottom. Its a great layout. ^__~

  6. Heather on

    I personally love the layout Tara; its very blurry. I play with that effect all the time, but you seem to have gotten it right. XDD

  7. I like the new layout T-Chan! That guy is pretty cute though. I’ve seen that piccie before matched up with a bunch of other cute looking guys from the same game. ::runs off to find the game and drool::

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