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So tired. I hate Mondays. And to think that the next 3 day weekend is so far off right now. AUGH! I hate school right now. Okay I love seeing some people due to school, but I’m just overall sick of it. >_< :; Midterm came and I am deathly afraid to get some of my grades in the mail. *whimpers* If dad gets ahold of it, then it's banning time from PC... This is my midterm progress report so far. Band: A+/100% (of course … I always get A in that course since 8th grade)
CWE: A+/100% (… DUH. Easy to get an A)
Visual Basics: A+/111.7% (…I did too many extra credits apparently lol)
CSS: I have no bloody CLUE!
Cisco: B or C. Most likely C.
AP Govt: … I have no clue as well? Last I checked was a C or D….
English: A- (yay)

Yep. Dad is gonna kill me with my Cisco and Gov’t grade. Whatever those are. And CSS. I don’t care. That class went downhill last time I blogged about. That class is basically bullshit right now and 80% of the class is stuck on the first exam. For some odd reason it’s the chapter that introduces shit to us. It wants a 100% as the lowest score and the highest score. Well bloody fucking HELL! We all keep retaking it, and it happens to be the same test over and over again. We keep getting something in our 90s and we have no clue what we are getting wrong! I mean I’ve been retaking the test and then re-analyze the damn curriculum over and over again and I have no clue what I am getting wrong. Last class period (Friday) I nearly wanted to throw the new spanking monitor to the floor and stomp on it. I was so close to crying too. That stupid test is ridicioulous! I swear that things is fixed so only 2 people get 100% and the rest just keep getting 90s! And I know we are all smart individuals so I don’t know what’s going on! So needless to say I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow! >_< ;; I hate CSS now. Stupid class. And midterm already and we need to complete 18 tasks and we can't even complete the first task. Fucked up dammit. Fucked up! I am switching out at semester time. I cannot stand it. I think half the class think it's BS too. Goddammit. Oh and I HATE THE STUPID EPIC ANGLO-SAXON POEM CALLED BEOWULF! That thing is so damn boring and so damn confusing to analyze! I hate it. Whoever thinks it's good, rot in hell. I've read better things than that. And it's too chauvinistic for me. Anglo-Saxon and their stupid inferior views on women! Yes I am pissed and crank right now. Yes I’m stressed and I’m on the horrid process called “menstruation” so that adds more to my frustration! Not to mention my body gave me a fright last month when it didn’t come. Odd. For 5 years of having it, I never missed a month till last month. I have no clue what happened, but I was thinking along the lines of Ovarian cancer. Apparently not if I started today >_<;; Thank god and thank nothing! I'll shut up now.