TGIF and Crap

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Hehe. I took this little “Which Harry Potter Man Should Be Your Lover” Quiz and I very much like my results! ^_^ Here are my results.

1. Severus Snape
2. Tom Marvolo Riddle
3. Remus J. Lupin
4. Sirius Black

Mwahaha. My fave guys. XD Yep yep. I be obsessed and I don’t bloody give a damn! Ah TGIF. Whoo hoo! I need my weekend dammit! I be tired and I be sleepy. And I need to go buy batteries for my damn mouse. >_< ;; That thing dies out too fast. Damn disadvantage of optical cordless mouse. Must buy many packs of batteries to last me the next 10 years. *nods* Must remind daddy tomorrow. Must get batteries or I shall die from not having computer access. Okay fine I will get PC access, but without a mouse, it will be bloody difficult. Cordless... such a wonderful innovation and such an annoyance. Speaking of annoyance (well maybe not to me, but to other people?), anybody reading my tagboard lately? Yep I apparently been getting messages from my so-called “Administration”. Uh… shouldn’t it be “Administrator” ?_? Doesn’t matter I suppose. But really whoever you are, as much as I want to say you are an idiot, you are actually providing more entertainment for me. It’s fun realizing that I am “normal” and I get shit from other people as well. Funny how things happen like that eh? Life is a bitch and I intend to enjoy the full torture of it. I am not only a sadist, but a masochist as well. Scary. Maybe I shall put myself in a Slashy/Lemony fic eh? And see if I enjoy all the pain and torture put upon me and how I put those upon my victims. XD Mwahaha. Anyways my life is rather blah I suppose. Other than the fact that we got a new student in our school who’s Japanese… wait that is something. I got a wonderful rant coming up. Whoo hoo! You know what? I swear some people are pathetic. Espescially the ones who go to my school. Because the new girl is Japanese and her name is Ami btw, seems like the people are getting “interested” in anything Japanese related now. Really pathetic. I know X-Japan is damn popular amongst Koreans as well, but really. I know in normal situation they wouldn’t be talking about JPop or JRock and all that shit. Hell they wouldn’t even be singing it as well! But they are now. And they were asking her some really stupid questions. She’s from Tokyo, which resides in Japan. OF COURSE she fucking will know who Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Boa, X-Japan, and whoever! DUH! HELLO! God. And if they start getting into Jstuff just because she came, then how shallow can anyone get? Also it’s stupid really. Most preps probably think that listening to foreign music that you don’t understand a single word (unless of course it’s in English) is weird or not “normal”. *snorts* And then they go aside their own criticisms and then start listening to them more and shit. Uh … can we say hypocritical bastards? And then if it does become popular (Mind you guys that I am not saying it WILL be, but think of it as more of an hypothetical situation.), then they will nag the credits for starting the trends and they will think they know everything about it. *blinks* Uh what about the people that were into it WAY before she came? Hrmies…but really it would be a pathetic sight to see all the fake and wanna be Jrockers and Jpopers in my school. *sighs* Okay maybe that’s not a big deal, but it is to me. I just hate how the preps almost ruin everything >_<;; Oh well. Hopefully that hideous predicament will not happen. I hope it won't! But bleh whatever. I'll wear ear plugs to school and avert my eyes away if it does happen. Okay I am done. Mwaha.