Jazz Band + Escaflowne + Dreamhost

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I am happy. Today was the first actual Jazz Band rehearsals and it went quite well according to Mrs. Lee. We played several songs. They ended up being “Send in the Clowns”, “Tuxedo Junction”, “Night Train”, and “Salt and Pepper”. I hope Jazz Band is fun this year. This is my first actual year. Whee! ^_^ I suck compared to the others, but hopefully Jazz band will improve my articulation. Hee!~

Went to PX today after Jazz Band and I saw that they had “Escaflowne The Movie”! Yes I got it! Whee! It was only 20 bucks. Whoo hoo! DVD of course! I’m gonna watch it tonight before sleeping or this weekend. Mwahaha. Thank you daddy! Now I get to see what’s the hype and cringe at how the fucked up some of the character designs. x_X;; I saw some pics and I soley prefer the TV Series one. *nods* Oh well. But I’m sure the music will be good considering Yoko Kanno did it! ^_^ Whee! I love her! At least I think it’s her…

Okay I am in love with my webhost once again. ^_^ They just celebrated their 5 year anniversary and gave their users 50 extra MB and 10 extra Gigs of bandwidth! ^^ That now makes my hosting package at 450 MB with 25 Gigs of bandwidth. Whoo hoo! Let’s just say I absolutely love them! ^^ Now I just hope these aren’t foreshadowing of them going bankrupt later lol. Sorry I be paranoid. XD Mwahaha… I love them nevertheless. They sure know how to keep me happy! Whee!


  1. Yokko Kanno is awesome! <3The Cowboy Bebop soundtracks.

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