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Whee. I’m sick and I’m making ranger cookies. Whoopee doo. Mom almost burned one batch, but ohwell. Yummy cookie. I actually like them better than most other cookies! ^^ But dangit, it was a bitch to mix. The mixture got so thick, that I couldn’t mix it so I asked mom and she got more stregnth than me. *nods* Damn mixture XD. Cookies are good. Now that I got my cooking confidence back, I wanna make more stuff. The problem is what else should I make? Hrmies. Any suggestions people? ^^ Feel free to leave me some suggestions!


  1. Ohh….cooking is fun. ^_^ Hmm…I’d go for something of the more "meat/dinner type" food, because I don’t like to bake, but thats me. ^^ Do a scratch cake, that would be awesome.

  2. Awesome new layout, damn it, I am never gonna keep up! School blows :P Anywhoo, you know what you should make? Broaden your horizens and make buffalo wings! I made some the other day, simple and good! Another good thing which has been on my list is brownies ^^ Or I have this awesome salad recipe (its called 24 hour salad) and I am addicted, I could eat it everyday, well maybe not since its one of my favs and I don’t want to get sick of it ^^ *glomps, glomps!*

  3. o.o;; you are strange when you’re sick. my favorite kind of cookes to make are the raggedy robins (chocolate w/peanut butter & oatmeal) :9…..

  4. Chocolate cake! Carrot cake! White bread! BREAD! O_O *ahem* My mom got a sudden urge to bake the other day, and now we are drowning in everything but cookies. O_o

  5. Ah, another Iron Chef in training. Okay, go entree next.

  6. Oooh yummie :9 try some cheesecake, I like all flavors. Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, creame cheese :9 Rev velvet cake is good to make. And, anything with chocolate is good ^_^

  7. …What’s a ranger cookie? o.0

  8. Chibi Misao on

    How cool…I cooked today, too, even though I’m not supposed to be able to cook worth a flip XD How about a nice pastry or something? *yum*

    Oh, ditto for me. What’s a ranger cookie? *Aragorn cookies?* XD j/k

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