Clacke! ^^

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See my new clacke!

Yes I got it today! I call it clacke, because those makers called it a cape and … it’s really a cloak, so I am combining those two into clacke! ^^ My new word! I wanted a black one, but they didn’t have it >_< ;; So I opted for this one! But either way it's nice! However it's too long x_X;; I think I'm gonna go get it a bit shortened. I don't want the ends to get frayed and dirty from being dragged along the floor. No thank you. I payed 19 bucks for this thing and I want it to last! ^^ I'm thinking about wearing it during winter over my winter shit as well. Mwahahaha. Well since I withdrew 124 bucks (I still got 200 bucks in my checking and 300 something bucks in savings, so I’m good). I had 44 bucks to spend on me, so I got the clacke and the Murder Doll cd. Whoo hoo. ^_^ Splurging is fun I think. The other 80 bucks is for the friggin’ phone bill. Wonder if me paying dad will get him a heart attack? I think he really isn’t expecting me to pay. LoL. Well we’ll see won’t we. If he says don’t bother, than I’ll deposit it back. *nods* Ah. I rented 2 movies today as well. I rented “English Patient” (Ralph Fiennes drooling time!) and “My First Mister”. I heard it’s sad. Leelee Sobieski is in it as well, so yay! ^_^ OH! I saw “Kung Pow” AND OMG! That movie was the shit yo! So fucking hilarious!!!! They got some corny and stupid voices! But all in all, it was a good experience. Saw it with Jen and Charles. *snickers* I love the right between the Chosen and the stupid cow lol. *snickers* If they make “Kung Pow 2”, I’m seeing it! ^^ Now to just read fics and relax! Yay!


  1. WHOA! Kickass new layout ^^’

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