Browsers, Analogies, and QotD

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Thank you for all the comments! ^_^ I appreciate it! Kiara, just study my codes for the link effect and try it and if that don’t work, I’ll help yah. It’s really simple. It’s like that faded javascript thingie ^^ Really simple. And now onto my daily ranting and bitching!

I am ready to kill my computer or my browser. I had a wonderful time trying to figure out WHY my POS of a browser wouldn’t load almost ANY webpages. >_< ;; That included Greymatter for this blog. AUGH! I went through the Internet Options and then I finally rebooted few minutes ago and that solved the problem. For the whole 5 hours prior I couldn't figure out what was the problem until all I had to do was reboot the stupid thing. POS. I hate you sometimes. >_< ;; Damn you Bill Gates. I think. Oh bloody hell. Yay! 20th of September and no school! Whoo hoo! Thank god for DoDDs Korea celebrating Korean holidays as well. Chusok would be the holiday and it’s equivalent to Korean Thanksgiving! ^^ My mom went to my grandma and I couldn’t OR wouldn’t go cuz of school. But yeah. Whoo hoo. Just me and my dad for the next few days. Or actually she left Tuesday so it’s already been couple days. Prolly gonna come back Sunday. I miss her. No one to bother! ^^ Dad’s no fun. Mom is more fun. Haha… whatever. But yay for 3 day weekends! ^^ Okay I hung out with Jen er… yesterday or today. Whatever. We went to cafe and ohmigod! We had some interesting conversations. One of them I have to post about. And if you are religious, don’t bother reading it. This is all from 2 sick individuals that view life in a cynical aspect, so don’t mind us. Anyways you know according to the bible, Eve’s curse happened cuz she bit into the Forbidden Fruit? Well Jen wondered what the fruit really was. She wondered if it was an analogy for something else. And I agree. Basically we think that the stupid tree where the snake with the arms and legs was representing the guy’s dick. We think that she either had sex or gave it a blowjob. Then she showed it to Adam, and they had sex. If you think about it, it makes sense! We do call the guy’s dick a snake, and the tree could also represent the man, with it’s ball being the fruit, the pubic hair being the leaves, and the dick being the branch. XD It makes so much more sense than the she actually biting into a fruit! I mean hell what fruit could be so damn forbidden? *shrugs* But that’s what we were talking about and it was just so bloody interesting! I mean dang. And since sex before marriage is such a freaking taboo for Christians, we figured instead of them being crude and blunt, they’d use a different analogy. Makes a lot of sense to us. And if it doesn’t to you, then ignore this paragraph. I don’t have time to take all you religious people’s bullshit right now. Tell your religious beliefs to someone that believe in your beliefs. But it’s interesting to think that way. Yes it may be sick to think that way, but hey. I view realistically. I hate things that aren’t clear. Ohwell. But it’s truly interesting how our mind think alike. XD Mwahaha. Well I saw Queen of the Damned and I love it to death now. Oh don’t get me wrong, the movie was fast paced, and Lestat should have been blonde. I mean how hard is it to get that dude to dye his hair? Stupid makers. But anyways, let’s just say I am madly in love with Marius now. Not only was he sexy in the movie, but damn I love his personality! Of course I haven’t read the book yet, so his personality may be different from there, but from the movie’s percpective, I loved him. He’s my new bitch. My god I hate Jen for getting me into Marius now. He’s awesome. I love him. I want a vampire like him now! Hell I wanna be one now! Okay … maybe not. I dunno. But dangit! I want to be his concubine! Or is it that I want him to be MY concubine. *confuse* Ohwell.

Jen got this cape/cloak thing at the PX. I hope they have it tomorrow. I wanna buy it! ^_^ I also wanna get the material to be thickened so I can wear it during the winter as well. It’s so cool! It’s awesome! 20 bucks too. It’s supposedly a Halloween costume thingie, but hell with that. I WANT IT! Haha! I guess I’m a goth? Jen says I’d be a good one. She think it’s funny because she doesn’t know any Asians that are Goth. But I dunno. I don’t think I’d want to be one. I guess in thinking wise I already am, but to be one is a different story. I don’t want to be labelled as a specific group. (ie: Punk, Goth, Prep, Skater, and etc). I want to be me only. ^^ Being me is cool. Mwahaha.

Today was class election day. AUGH! Thank god this is the last election thing I’ll ever take part in during HS. I’m sick of it. They always make those damn false promises and never bother to keep them. Stupid people. And they won’t listen to non-popular kid’s ideas, so why bother saying they will listen to us? Bull-fucking-shit. I hate their fake niceness. Makes me gag and makes me want to cast Avada Kedavara on all of them! *hisses and sneers* Stupid people. Except for some that I know and HOPE will do the work that is. But most of them suck. Espescially our new senior class president. I hate her. She’s fucking fake. She treated me like shit in 6th grade and then we got into HS and she started being nice to me so she’ll get my vote. Well SHE won’t get my vote. And she didn’t today. But she won. Ohwell. I’m done ranting and raving now! Yay!


  1. Mmm Marius… Mmm Vincent Perez… I haven’t seen the movie yet but it looks good asides from the fact that they screwed up a lot of stuff like for one they say that Marius was Lestat’s maker. But anyways, glad you enjoyed the movie and the general Marius drooling. hehe :D

  2. I wanna be you too!

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