New Lay… Yay

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Yes new lay. Tell me what ya think? Please? I want feedback! I need something to make me feel better. Other than the fact I’m getting 117% in VB, I’m peeved. My neck started to kill me yesterday, but it’s slowly getting better. I think I slept in the wrong position or something. And my dad got the phone bill and now I havta pay 80 bucks to compensate my longass calls to the states. Looks like I won’t call the states for a while now. *grumbles* There goes 80 bucks from my hard-earned money. Oh bloody hell. It’s just money. *Grins* Calling Misty and Long were worth my money. Espescially since I got to hear Long Oppa’s voice and it so reminds me of Eric. *snickers* Not to mention our little conversation about something that made us burst out laughing big time. ^^ But really it was worth it. From now on I’ll be sure to ask dad for a calling card a lot. *nods*

Gah. My schedule is confusing now. You know how I work at ACS for CWE? Well now Sheila is working there as well and there is only one computer availiable for us and we both need it badly. Even though I got the job first, I’m gonna try to switch periods. And the only way it’s possible is that I move to Mr. White’s 2nd period Pre-Algebra. And I do CWE 3rd period. My teachers and supervisor don’t care. The only problem is that I won’t be able to get help from him. So yeah… aigoo. I don’t know. At least I got the right attitude or so Mr. Fried said. Bah. Whatever.

My school finally got the damn computers and CSS class spent the entire period opening them up. I’m tired from that. x_X At least I didn’t get the heavy duty labour work. I’m the only girl in that class so I got stuck with the easy job. XD Mwahaha. But yeah…tell me what ya think of lay! I want comments please! ^_^ And I wanted to blog about something and can’t remember. Dammit!


  1. Liiiiiike. XD

  2. Me likey your new layout! ^_^

  3. Sweeeeeeet! Mmm purpley goodness :D

  4. I like the new layout! Very cool!

  5. *eyes get really big* Woooooooow. Wooooooow. *drools*

  6. Chibi Misao on

    Whee! Cool (and nice link effects, too ^_^)!

  7. Me likes! And it loaded very quickly! <33 :DDDD

  8. very impressive, tara-chan!

  9. Fucking hot layout, Tara.. BUT HOW DID YOU GET THOSE EFFECTS?! If I’m not mistaken, those are the same kind of effects I was trying to get for my new layout from!!! Waaaah!!

    Anyway, best of luck with your neck and school… ttyl!

  10. Yes a "new lay" is always a good thing.

  11. Looks great!

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