Skirt + TC = Pain and Nakedness

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Okay I did the unspeakable and the impossible. I wore a skirt with a nice blouse to school today. I borrowed those from Jen. They happened to be this blue jean skirt that reached my knees. It had these pyramid thingie going along the sides and all. And I got this greyish-bluish blouse. It’s nice. Oh not to mention I wore shorts beneath the skirt. And I wore these god awful shoes (the one I wore to prom both times) that just made my feet painful. But ANYWAYS, I think I shocked a few people. And most didn’t care. I wanted to keep it that way. But dangit I felt NAKED! I always feel naked. If you knew me, I almost, always got something to go along with my Tees. Most of the times I cannot stand going out without another shirt on the tee. But blargh…

I do not know if I wanna dress up that nice again to school. The last time I did something like that was in 7th or 8th grade. Amazing isn’t it? That I actually dressed like a slob for that long. Prom and band concerts doesn’t count. But really I didn’t know my legs were that pale compare to my arms. o_O;; Couple people were like saying that I was so fucking pale. Well I’d have to be if I always wear long pants when I go out. *shrugs* Aiya. I gotta tell you that I hate people gushing over how nice I look. I a little bit, but if you make a big deal like my mom did (ie: “OMG! Is this really my daughter? Where’s a camera! You should have always worn skirts and that. You look marvelous!”), I cannot stand it. It just makes me want to go back to my slobbish ways. I told her to shut up, and she did. She’s so fucking dramatic. Damn I won’t even go on to what she said after I told her to just quit with her gushiness. But really I don’t mind a little. I’m not that … what’s the word. I’m not that much of a type that can’t accept compliments.

But really, “beautifying” myself was a pain. Took me like 40 minutes to shave my damn legs. And that was only from the knee and down. I didn’t bother with the higher part. x_X;; The skirt was gonna cover that part. But really it’s such a damn hassle. I like short 15 minutes showers. Not a freaking 40 to an hour long bath or shower. The girls that do it all the time must got a lot of time on their hands. Aiya…I hate shaving. I SERIOUSLY hate it. I want my neanderthals time back. Where women and men were hairy all over x_X;; Aigoo. Ohwell. I’m still debating on dressing up nice. I don’t like it much, but it was a change from my usual style. But blargh. The pain and feeling of nakedness is not my thang. >_<;; Blargheroni! OH! SUNG! *glomps* I miss you! DORK! IM me when you are online okay? Whee!


  1. Yeah, when when are doing everything in the shower, it takes a loooong time. It takes anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes for me. AH!

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