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Reversal NC-17 for FFnet Petition

If you think that FFnet is being idiots and all, then by all means go sign. It’s only been 2 days and already we got almost 10,000 signers. I’m amazed. Well not really. There are a lot of NC-17 writers and readers out there. I’ve noticed since like this Spring, they banned MSTs, Real-People Based Fics, Harry Potter Author Fics (What are those. Someone ENLIGHTEN me on that!!), and now NC-17. So much for freedom of speech on the damn Internet now. But anyways go sign please? I ain’t forcing you, so if you are underage and your mommies and daddies ask why you are signing that, don’t say some eccentric 17 year girl forced you too. That’s bullshit. I am a mean person when provoked. You don’t want that. I guareentee a full torture session if you mess with me. *nods*

ANYWAYS… I took my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator thing in English the other day and got my results. I am an ISTP — Introvert Sensing Thinking Perceptive. One paper described ISTP as:

Cool onlookers–quiet, reserved, observing and analyzing life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humor. Usually interested in impersonal principles, cause and effect, how and why mechanical things work. Exert themselves no more than they think necessary, because any waste of energy would be ineffecient.

Does that fit me? x_X;; I dunno. Some of the descriptive words that fits ISTP is said to be: Energetic, action-oriented, factual, practical, can be alone, is willing to work until perfect, interested in the process more than the product. Er… yeah… Doesn’t that contradicts whatever is up there? Or maybe not. You know I would type up what all these papers, but it will be a long time before I complete it. So here’s a link I found you can use instead. I don’t know if it fits me. x_X;; Kinda funny cuz in English we got into groups with people that share the same 2 middle letters. According to stats, STs are supposed to be leaders and all that crap. Uh… yeah. I think we got some unusual STs there lol. Ohwell. Nuff about MBTI.


  1. Lady Athena on

    I couldn’t agree more. If people don’t like it, then don’t read it, look at it, etc. People should just loosen up. Geez…

  2. Yeah, FFnet’s suckage level has increased to an insane amount. I’ve already signed the petition.

  3. Lady Athena on

    Gah! It worked! I had tried to leave another comment and it wouldn’t let me after the one I had posted. I have a dumb computer…anyway, 10,000 people signed the petition? Yeesh…I’d love to be able to sign that thing, but if I have to put my real name, then it’s a no-no. I don’t need my parents to kill me. I’m just gonna give a lotta luck and support to the people who did sign it and wish for the best. Who knows, maybe will go down on the sucky level.

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Hmm…I guess that sounds a little like you:) Wouldn’t know about those standardized things though *points to evil SATs* XD

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