Damn FFnet

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They have been just getting suckier and suckier since last Fall. It has ultimately reached it’s all time suckiness. I can tolerate the damn server problems, I can tolerate the damn ads, but I cannot tolerate them taking away US fanfic writers freedom of speech. We fucking label our stories and warn the damn readers that it’s gonna be NC-17. It’s their fucking fault they read it in the first place. Those people that made FFnet SOLD OUT have no right to complain. We put the warnings up, so fucking DEAL WITH IT. And I’m sorry that there are NC-17 fics in the damn “kiddies” fandom, but there are ADULTS that like certain “kiddies” fandom too! Adults got just as much right as the damn kids and parents that complain that it’s unsuitable. Granted it is FUCKING unsuitable. BUT WE PUT WARNINGS, SO PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO IT!

Oh gosh I’m pissed. There are millions of writers out there that writes really good NC-17 stuff. Now they are being forced to take it off at that place? I ask, what kind of freedom of speech is that crap! As I recalled, the stupid government said freedom of speech applies to every American citizens, as long as it’s not HURTING the government. Well how the fuck is NC-17 shit hurting the goverment? Is it right now? Hell I’m sure a lot of politicians like to jack off to porns and shit so booya. If we are ruining the little kid’s sense of reality, then fuck that. They will grow up sooner or later and this generation is growing up pretty fast anyways. This is just injustice. This will stop many author’s creative juices to flow and will discourage many into not writing. And there are many wonderful writers out there that DON’T deserve this shit. Stupid FFnet. And I’m sure there are a lot of cranky, pissed off, mad, furious people out there. I don’t blame you people. That was perhaps the most stupidest thing FFnet did to us and I bet you it’s not the last. If they took down NC-17 shit, how long before they take down Yaoi/Yuri/Slash/Incest/and other “inappropriate” stuff down? At this damn rate they should just fucking turn it into a kindergarten website already! Jesus fucking Christ.

Yes I am mad. Yes I’m pissed. Yes I want to kill someone. And if FFnet decided to do it so they can commemorate 9/11 in the most weirdest ways, then they are being stupid. How is that gonna bring back the dead? They didn’t die of shock from explict materials. *grumbles* Okay ignore that last 2 sentence. But really since they did it around 9/11 anniversary, I just had a not-so-funny thought about the coincidence. But whatever. I’ll laugh the day they get bankrupt. They are already fucking bankrupt anyways. So many servers problems. It’s only matter of time before they die out. And I’ll be laughing my ass off. Can’t wait for the day…


  1. *bitches along with you* WTF is UP with fanfiction.net? Goddamn. I’m not even gonna get started on this one.

  2. And I’ll be laughing my ass off with you. Fuck FFnet, this was the last straw. When their server IS working, they pull this shit *fumes*…tell it like it is sista!

  3. They’re removing all Harry Potter fanfiction too. >_< Not only was ff.net my main source for NC-17 slash but it was also my main source for Draco X Harry fics. Life's such an utter bitch. And they did do something for 9/11. They took the whole site down and replaced it with a stupid ass looking table made to look like a flag that said "9/11". I'm really thinking that's just going to reach right out to the surviors and families that went through 9/11 and give them a warm, fuzzy feeling. God, ff.net are such idiots!

  4. *pats head* It can only get better…just think of it that way -_-‘

  5. I agree. *refrains bashing Xing’s head in with a hammer*

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