9/11 Anniversary oi…

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Really EYH? You failing English (I’m assuming AP as well). You are so damn kidding me. Bloody hell…if you are failing English, then I take it as a bad omen yo. >_< ;; But I'm sure you will raise the grade up. Oh and what email you want me to email you to? I have no bloody clue due to your collection of email addies. I don't know which you check and which you don't check now. Email me or something yo. But really I miss you. And AP Calc? I'm assumng AB or BC? ?_? You math whizzes suck LOL. ^^ Ohwell...*huggles* Hope you raise that English grade! Can't afford you to repeat your senior year now. >_< ;; Well I am pretty damn apathetic to what happened on the anniversary of 9/11, but I’m cranky because some woman woke me up from my nap and that defintely would leave someone cranky. Yes that woman would be my mom. She was like yelling around the house and then she was like get up or I won’t sleep later. Oh good grief. But anyways if I get skin cancer later, don’t be surprised people. Why am I saying this? Well we had this little memorial thingie for 9/11 and we were out in the Falcon Field and the sun was all burning on us for 30+ minutes and I didn’t like it one bit. Plus I already seen the damn thing due to a special “preview” thing during English class so I knew what to expect. But really all I cared was that I wanted to get out of the sun. But all in all it was a nice little thing I supposed… But really it’s getting way overrated. And my dad was like “Today is 9/11. Be careful.” Or somewhere along the line. My reply, “If I was a terrorist I wouldn’t be that STUPID to attack on a day that’s expected. I’d be cunning and do it on a day that is totally not expected.” He just laughed and I left for school. And also we had a 125 second of silent at 9:40 am. And of course the usual pledge. Starting tomorrow I’m just gonna ignore it and do homework or something. Really it’s annoying. And I am sorry for all the people that died and suffer from the attack, but GET OVER IT. And James said that he’d probably feel more sympathetic if they tone down the news about it. I agree. And all those “fake patriotism” is getting to me. Before 9/11, 99.99% of the people didn’t even buy or get all those flags and now they are getting not only flags, but like tees, bumper stickers, hats, and etc. It’s getting annoying. Those people using the advantage to earn more profits and shit. If they are using the money for good use, then good. If not then fuck them. But all in all nothing happened and I just want the damn base Threatcon level to go down to normal. But of course it won’t. Nothing is normal in this world of dismay and destruction now. Oh Misty showed me this … funky site of some guy’s. Here’s the link. *blinks blinks* I respect his views but uh… really what’s with this guy? Obviously he’s been sheltered all his life and when reality blows in his face, he can’t take it. x_x;; Ohwell. Some people are obviously will always be like that. Oh and I made myself a new name! I wanted a name to use in HP Fandom and a name from the British Isles (even though Tara IS an Irish name). That would be Mairi Nathaira. And I got my AOL SN like that. It means Bitter Snake in Scottish! Whee! I likey. Mwahaha. Well I’m outs now.


  1. I agree, it’s overreacting a bit.. but then again, I shouldn’t be the one to talk, I live far away from the US. Oh, and that antiporn guy scares the hell out of me. Really. He directly says homosexuals are insane and monsters, and even though he says he isn’t racist, he completely sounds like one. I won’t comment on his views about drug-dealing, as I strongly dislike drugs a lot, but, 10 years prison? And for anal sex as well O_o And for abortion? This man will die young, I swear. It surprises me he doesn’t say anything about people with anorexia should be put on mental hospitals as well. He sounds like HE is the president and can do whatever he wants. Of course, everyone has their views.. but this is hard to respect.

  2. What the hell? I took a look at that link about that guy. That is someone I can’t respect. It is clear that he doesn’t respect others beliefs in sexual orientation, lifestyle, and morals. I can respect someone who has beliefs like his but when they try to enforce those beliefs on others, I can’t stand for that.

  3. gah… the whole 9/11 thing is really bugging me. I swear, I haven’t turned on the TV at all today because these stupid news people are gonna be replaying all that depressing stuff over and over. >.< People are acting like its a freaking holiday or something -.-; *sigh* people...

  4. hey tara! u prolly dunno me…im one of d’s friends…i know this is kinda outta nowhere…but im in this situation where i am in need of a guy’s school uniform…preferably from japan or korea…and since you LIVE in korea…if its NO TROUBLE at all…do you think you can purchase one for me and i’ll pay for all the expenses and such…Well its just a thought…you can say no if you want ^^ thanks a bunch! e’mail me back please! and now i exit…baiee!

  5. I don’t really like all the 9-11 media blitz, but I understand why it’s there. I wouldn’t have liked it if people just forgot about what happened, using the guise of "it’s over, let’s move on." Yeah, eventually that sentiment will settle like Pearl Harbor’s bombing day, but not when only a year has passed since the tragedy. My personal stance is, if you really want to remember the day, there’s plenty on TV to watch and stuff in your community to do. If you’re sick of 9-11, you can easily not watch TV for a day or ignore the community activities. As for that other link to that guy’s page, that was pretty funny. He’s probably only saying it for attention.

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