Bunch of Craps

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Really what is the fucking point of having a cellphone nowadays if you are not gonna be able to hear the bloody thing or you turn the damn thing off! I mean shit! And people wonder WHY I don’t get me a damn piece of those machines. Well after seeing how the reception suckass most of the time and I hate hearing myself echo over the thing and after seeing how it frustrates ME when I just call someone’s cell, I frankly don’t want one. My parents are a lovely example. Here they are telling me to call them if I’m gonna be late. And they don’t do the same thing to me and make me wonder if they fucking got in a car accident or fell in an alleyway or something like that. They are pissing me off. My mom is PERFECT example of someone who’s probably cellphone illiterate! Her fucking excuses are, Oh I didn’t hear the phone ring. WELL mother! If it’s bloody hard to hear the damn thing in your purse, then get one of those cellphone accessories and wear the thing around your neck so you can hear it! *rants and raves about the stupidity of her parents with their damn cell*. Well welll well. They came home and I gave them a yell. I’m still pissed. My dearest MOTHER claims that she understands me. Well fuck that shit. I don’t care. They piss me off right now. Dad had to say I act like my mother. Okay dad. I might, but I’m more level-headed than that psychopath over there! Augh parents. I swear my mom just need to wear those damn cellphone accessory. I think I will FORCE her now. Enough of the cellphone rant.

Okay I am starting to really hate our base commander. They are starting to get undercover MPs at the high schoolers “smoking spots”. They should give it up already. If we can’t smoke onbase, we’ll find a place offbase to do it. Simple as that. But no they are making our lives a living hell. Hell our principals are starting to stay at our Lunch spots! Give it up already! I mean the previous base commanders even had a smoking area for high schoolers cuz he was smarter and knew we weren’t gonna listen. The current base commanders are just not so bright. If they think they understand high schoolers, then they are just wasting their time and energy. Oh and they raised the base smoking policy to 19. Really that is just dumb. I mean if you aren’t in high school, then it shouldn’t matter. But nope it does to those fuckers.

You know…sometimes I wonder. Why do I care about my grades? I got a bunch of friends that always skip and gets like not-so-decent grades. I do my fucking work and do I get anything out of this? Jen says that I let people walk over me. She says that includes trying to work my ass off to get the grades I want. I hate to admit it, but she’s right. Really why do I need to work my ass off to get a grade…shouldn’t I be graded on what I know? Not what I do? I mean sometimes it makes me wonder if I am really smart. Jen and a whole bunch of my other friends slack off and all, but they are bloody geniuses. I actually do most of the work and get my “good” grade. Does that mean I am only “smart” by doing the damn work? That bugs me a lot. I really am getting tired of doing homeworks. Really it hasn’t been getting me anywhere. Why bother doing it? My damn GPA is already going down anyways. Why do I bother getting or trying to get A’s and B’s. I hate this crap. Homework is waste of time for me. I never do learn anything from my homeworks. It’s just bloody tiring and make you think of unneccessary philosophical thoughts. I know good grades means good college and good future… but I’m tired of it. I’m just tired of it.

Okay no more craps. If you are gonna give me some damn legnthy comment about how I need my education, then save your fucking breath. I hear it all the damn time from teachers and parents. I don’t need to hear it from my peers as well. I already know the truth. And the truth sucks. *nods wearily*


  1. 0_0 *nervously turns on her own evil machine* My, my, a Tara-chan on the rampage is a frightening thing! ^_^ As for the grades…I know this is completly different from what others might tell you, but don’t worry about it. Yes, it’s normal to worry about having good grades but don’t stress yourself over it. The more you worry the more it will effect you. Oddly enough, when I finally gave up all the worrying, I started getting good grades. That could also be because I wasn’t taking math, but I digress.

  2. There are two states in which you have to be 19 to purchase and smoke cigarettes–Alaska and Alabama. I found out while I was in Alabama because I ran out of cigarettes. Lo and behold! I went in to the little truck stop store to buy some, and the lady wouldn’t even take my order until I showed her some ID. Then it dawned on me when I saw the sign that said "Sale of cigarettes to patrons under the age of 19 is prohibited by state law."

    I thought the base policy for purchasing cigarettes and smoking was 20. [I only ask because last summer I turned 19 and had the stupid RCP with the little no signs of the cigarette and martini glass.]

  3. *hugs Tara* you sound stressed. Feel better soon alright? o.0

  4. Dude (or dudette)…you’re getting all frustrated over grades. Wait till you hear this one: WE ARE FAILING ENGLISH AND WE ALSO HAVE A 72 IN CALCULUS. I am next to ripping my hair out (go ahead, laugh and start to imagine me with a bald head). *SIGH* Dawn don’t know, dad don’t know, and mom sure as hell don’t know. Aye yay…this is a nasty headache. Settje hasn’t really even talked in a while. He would every once in a while say one or two words (answers to problems) but he won’t even repeat them when we need them and…I really miss how he used to be at the end of July and beggining of August. You should have seen him. We went to Six Flags and boy did he have fun. I never saw him smile as much as he did that day. Hell, if I were gay, I might have called him cute. ^^;; But we know facts: I’m straight, so is he, and he aint cute. Anyways, now only makne is able to make him talk. I never saw him so depressed. I am SERIOUSLY getting worried. Oh, hyung is being more active lately. Also, I’m writing a ‘cute’ little ‘love’ story with netjje in there. You ought to see the look on his face. *SMIRK* Anyway…um…nice layout….I think. *INFURIATING SMILE* Remember how that used to look? If you do, respond. If you don’t, respond anyways. Take care. Ja ne!

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