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Let’s hope the damn nap I just took will help me of my sleep-less state. ZZZZZZZ Aigoo. I had to force myself to wake up in order not to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night. And I guess it’s helping. GAH!! I am tired of this and that relating to finding a job! I had to do that crap for CWE last year and now this year again for CWE AND CSS! Oi no more job application forms and resume crap please. I had enough of it! >_< ;; But ohwell. *cries and whines* I no know what to do about my future! And what suck is that my daddy isn’t very helpful! He doesn’t know if we are gonna stay here another year or not. I need to know so I can take my damn SATs (the evilest and perhaps the stupidest standardized testing in the world) and start applying for the colleges I wanna go to. But then if I do stay here then I’d have to turn down any acceptances I got. *grumbles* I highly doubt I’ll get any acceptances, but we are talking IF here. This is not cool and this is just bugging me. I need to get my ass planning for colleges and I don’t know what to do! I guess I should go to my guidance counselor. But I really don’t like them. They sure don’t act like counselors in my opinions. They sorta scare me. And the times I do go to the guidance office is mainly for schedule changes. Oh I did went last year to see if I can get a damn shortened schedule, but that horribly failed. >_< ;; Agh... Oi SATs… I’m gonna not do well on that crap. I’m gonna suck at both the Math and the Verbal sections. GARGH! *stabs the damn tests* DIE! Oh speaking of test, I Tara-Chan, bombed my first AP Government test! YAY for me! >_< ;; Well I don't know if I bombed it or not, but it sure was bloody hard! I think I got over half the questions wrong so uh yeah. I think an F is calling for me. Must read the damn text closely in the near future. Despite the fact the text talks entirely in riddle so that's not exactly helpful. *mind swirls* I hate government! Any form is giving me an headache. -_-;; Okay this entry was a waste of everyone’s time isn’t it? I’ll write a more meaningful entry later on. I just needed to blab this and that here. Later ya’ll.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Aww…*huggles* Don’t worry Tara-chan…I’ll stab the SATs with you XD But seriously, things will settle out. Tsk. Gone are the days when we’re five and you could just open your cute little mouth and go "I wanna be a [fill in occupation here]" with no worries about salary, etc. You’re really good at design and programming though…you should be able to land a job in that^^x

    If you’re seriously considering to go to college, you really should take the SATs now and start applying once your scores are sent out. The earlier, the higher chance of getting in^^x *ack* I sound like a guidance counselor ~_~ Sorry. Ta-ta!

  2. SATs are pretty stupid. I hated them and I still hate them. I hope you do better with your next test. ::wishes::

  3. Most colleges require SAT scores so I would take it anyway, just in case ^.^ Then burn them later.

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