Being Buzz is Cool

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Dude being buzzed is awesome. All those shots of peach and plum soju rules. Soju is like Korean version of Sake. Good shit people. I cannot take or stand regular soju. Those just makes me gag. Sheila can vouch for that. XD She’s seen my facial expression whenever I took that nasty shit. Gag. Disgusting. Oh and yes I am underage. Screw the damn federal law. I know my limit and I don’t drive so I’ll drink all I want. I have yet to actually get drunk. I don’t know if I want to do that. I got no guts to come home drunk and have my parents yell the crap out of me. And the hangover. No thank you. XD But yeah at least buzz is good. I hardly get buzz from that shit, but I guess I drank more than usual.

Well I ended up staying home yesterday. Apparently I didn’t miss much in my other classes so I’m cool. Rested. I slept lots whee. I’m glad I didn’t go yesterday. My seminar class had to stay at the freaking campaigning for all seminar since our teacher is the SCA sponsor. Apparently the Prez and the Vice Prez were the only one they campaign. The other officers position wasn’t being opposed at all. Yay for school spirit. *hisses and sneers* Oh screw my school. SCA is for popular people anyways. Screw them. Or most of them. Some are cool.

So glad it’s the weekend. I got 3 modules that is due for VB next Friday so I’m gonna have to work on that. Not to mention study for Chapter 1 test in AP Gov’t. I heard that it’s freaking hard. Oooh boy. Hope I pass it. Yikers. Oh bloody hell. I’ll be cool. I hope. Gah. I wrote a little essay for one of my VB assignment. I had to choose a topic relating to Computer Ethics. Here is mine and thanks to Kimmerz unnie for betaing! ^^

Fine Line Between Copying and Stealing
On the net, there are millions of webpages. Some are amateur, while others are professional looking. Every webpage is unique to the person’s standard and that’s what makes the net diverse. However once in a great while, or who knows, even in many whiles, you will come upon a situation where someone copied or stole from another person. Depending on the site, it could be something simple as an artwork to something considerable as the webpage’s entire layout.

To one’s personal views, this is fraud. Granted there are many talented people out there, and many others admire and envy the person’s work. However if you are going to steal it or copy it and claim all the credits for yourself, then you don’t deserve to be a designer. If you want to make a webpage, it should be made by you to be considered yours. However if you want to view the webpage’s HTML codes, then do so, but learn something from it. Copying the entire thing is like plagiarising an important document. The same thing applies to artists, writers, programmers, and etc. If you want to use a particular design, then give the original person some credits or at least ask for permission. That’s the right thing to do. Sure, copying and stealing may be a form of flattery, but it isn’t when you are the victim. There is and always will be a fine line between copying and stealing.

My personal experiences

Hehe. It’s short and written in 15 minutes. Mwah. I rule. Oh and I set my language setting in Words to use English (UK version). Think I’m weird? I don’t know. I like British spelling better for some reasons. Make hella sense sometimes when it comes to spelling. Ohwell. ^^ Speaking of British English, I need to work on my fic! Whee!


  1. Damn it all to hell!!! I was just talking to you on AIM and I got kicked off! ::growls:: I can’t sign back on. Sorry, don’t think I just left you. I’ll keep trying to go back on.

  2. I was glad to talk to you today. ^_^

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