1 Year Anniversary…

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*waves a pathetic looking banner thing* Yay. September 4. The official date of when I started Psychomaniatic Dreams. I’ve come a long way eh? Feels like yesterday when I just started blogging. Ohwell. I’m too busy too make an anniversary layout. *sighs* Gomen ne. Maybe I’ll make a layout once a freaking 3 day weekend come by again. I totally forgot about it till yesterday and that wasn’t enough time for me. But yeah 1 year baby. Let’s see if I can make it to 2 years now…

Damn I’m still sick. That sickness just refuse to leave me. Then again being cramped up in an air-conditioned room and sleeping with the fan isn’t helping. x_X;; I think I’m gonna stay home tomorrow…I really wanna rest and catch up on my damn homework. And I really wanted to use my seminar time tomorrow to do my VB homework, Gov’t homework, and English homework, but nope. The freaking school is taking the time away to do Student Council Campaign speeches. I don’t care. I don’t want to vote. I’m sick of this. That piece of crap is just for popularity anyways. Those damn people only become nicenice to you at this kind of situation and most of the other times they are mean or indifferent to you. Well I’m sorry, but I ain’t falling for that crap. I only vote who I think will get the job done. I don’t go for the sexiest, popularest, or whatever for that shit. I think after 5 years my classmates finally got the hints that I don’t care. Cuz not a single one of them came up to me and asked me to vote for them. Well except maybe for a Kenny. Took them 5 years to realize that. Damn. Ohwell.

To go to school tomorrow or stay home and catch up. *debates* I guess it depends tomorrow morning whether I am still sick or not. Gah. Damn sickness. And damn me for picking too many pc classes. I am falling behind already. Not good. *sighs* Someone just shoot me now and make school disappear from my sight! Please!


  1. Ah poor Tara *hugs* I do hope you feel better! Eat some chicken soup and orange juice, well er, not together XD I love the new layout! I just can not keep up with all your new layouts! Everybody is changing their blogs, I almost feel motivated. ;) Almost.

    Thanks for cheering me up *glomps* I feel much better today then I did last night- and yes I did get some sleep ^^

  2. *looks around suspeciously* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGY THINGGY! *confetti*

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Hmmm….*doesn’t want to look bad because she has nothing to throw…*

    *picks up confetti from Heather* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PsyDreams!!!! ^___^ *hugs* What would the blogging world be like without’cha? ^_^

  4. *throws party* Yeah anniversary! …On the other hand sickness is not fun. I suggest you go to school, although you may feel like shit. Only because if you miss school your work builds up and then you’re oh so lost. Trust me -_-‘

  5. Yayyy!!! Happy Anniversary! *glomps*

    *huggles* Feel better!!! TT;;;;;

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