Natural Disasters

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Typhoon, tornadoes, earthquakes… what’s next? Hurricane in the Pacific? x_X;; This must be the time for all natural disasters to get together and act up an attempt to destroy humanity. Whoo hoo! But seriously I didn’t even know the typhoon that hit Korea was that bad. My dad said that it’s even worse then the one couple years ago. He also said that another one was coming this Saturday. Oh goody. Why not ever on a school day? Speaking of typhoon, Misty next time you hear of a natural disaster in my area, don’t worry your ass off for me? I don’t need you to die of stroke okay? As long as I’m in my stupid apartment, I am indestructible! Unless of course the wind went up to 300 MP/H, then worry okay? XD

Anyways I’m gonna resummarize my classes just because I feel like it. Also because I read Kim’s blog so I want to! XD

Concert Band: Easy easy easy no brainer class. Mwahaha! With my sax buddy I am never bored in that class! Mwahaha. Too many saxes this year. AUGH! Kinda odd how half the saxes, hell half the band is composed of seniors. I wonder what’s gonna happen at Graduation…Hrmies. Ohwell. But right now we are starting off with easy songs and uh… if the songs get any harder than they are I am screwed. Ohwell. All the saxes can cover me up when I make a mistake! ^_^

CWE: Easy class. All I have to do is fill out the bloody Time Sheet and TADA! XD Easy A! Whoo hoo!! And I will be working for the same supervisor like last year. Yay. I finished my resume last week and he wouldn’t accept it. Phooey to him! Ohwell XD.

Visual Basics: I hate Lotus Notes, I hate the Online Database, and I wished they’d make it more functionable! Other than that it’s cool so far. Although since I got a late start, I’m gonna have to try to get everything that is due this Friday due. Oi. Stress not good! That’s one of the thing stressing me out. Boo. I got to chat with one of the teachers online who’s in Italy and whee. It felt awkward, and I tried my best not to cuss and type really strange shorthands. ^^ Other than that it went alright. Haha. And she knows my Cisco teacher. How utterly scary. AHHH!

Computer Service and Supports: I hate the wireless laptops at our school. That’s what we got to use for our curriculum and oh man I don’t care how cool it is to be wireless, I want a faster computer! I don’t care if it’s big as me, but it has to be fast! Those are not reliable. Last class I wanted to throw one on the ground considering it wouldn’t connect to the internet saying the LAN was down. Piece of shit. But so far… I don’t know what to say for this class considering it’s a self-paced class. That’s the only good thing about it. Self-paced. I just gotta get this and that done by the end of the quarter to get an A. I like that kind of system.

Cisco Networking 2: I am screwed? I don’t remember almost anything important from this class. AUGH! Review time! But seriously there is only 3 of us taking CN2 so it’s quite odd. And the other 2 are guys so yeah. We all took our pre-test for chapter 1 (which was all review of CN1), and uh Thomas got a 50%, I got a 47%, and Raphael got a 40%. Ouch. Good thing it’s just a pre-test. I hope he goes over the stuff next class. I really need to refreshen my memory. But yes Mr. Gamble teaches it again so yeah… ohwell.

AP Government: Just like last year, but less workload. He’s like he was last year. Always ramble on and let time fly. Fun when he rambles on. XD. I’m glad I took up this class instead of Mr. Hanley’s. I heard that it’s so boring in there. Mr. Boyd is interesting. My only wish was that David was in that class. *pouts* Oh bloody hell. Got a quiz next class. Most likely over Chapter 1 and it’s vocab. I hate vocab >_< ;; English 12: Everytime I go to this class, I don’t want it to end. Ms. Pell is perhaps the funniest English teacher I ever had after Ms. Massengill. I don’t know if Ms. Pell will teach me anything yet, but really her classes are so interesting that I don’t want to leave. You will always laugh every 5 minutes in that class. I swear. But I think the workload is catching up on me. I got a vocab quiz and a rough draft of an essay due next class. And that is Thursday. AUGH! But ohwell! ^_^ She’s cool!

Whew. Finally done! Mwahaha…and I’m tired and I gotta go practice my sax. Hums the damn B Flat Concert Scale. *G A B C D E F# G*


  1. TARA! *hugs* haven’t spoke to you in awhile ;_; Whoa…I had no idea all this natural disaster stuf was going on…I’d be so scared. Lol. Ah well, go indistructable appartment go!

  2. *rambles in composer talk* And now, Tara-Chan in C minor third with…

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