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Thank you for all worrying about me ^^;;; I actually am better now. The only thing that’s bugging me is my damn sore throat and coughing. Blargh. It’s a pain swallowing. Can’t wait till I get better. Aiya mon man. My lovely 3 days weekend is already almost over. >_< ;; Why must something good always end fast! I am not ready to go back to school. I can tell that this is gonna be a stressful week for me. Schoolwise that is. I hate my courses already. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose 3 computer courses for just this semester. Of course next semester I'll still have 3 or 4 more >_< ;; I am an idiot. I should have just taken up 4 AP classes if I was gonna do this. Aiya. Someone shoot me now. *mutters* I just realized B-Days I will always have homework in the 3 classes. I only got 2 classes to worry about in receiving homework on A days. But B-days? ARGH! But on a happier note, I started an HP fic. I have NO CLUE on what’s gonna happen yet, but I know I am being evil to Snapey and Blackey! ^_^ Mwahahaha! Sadism rules. Damn someone imed me and when I was typing this and I don’t know who it was cuz it was on AIM, and I set it up so that I get a prompt when someone I don’t have on my list ims me. Blarhgy. If you are reading this now then I apologize. That’s the problem when you are typing too fast and you accidentally closes something that pops up. Well I got a test tomorrow … so I gotta take it >_<. Later.


  1. ^^ At first I thougt you meant birthdays by B-days, heh! We don’t have block scheduling at my school. Same boring thing, every day, at the same time. Ugh.. OH! I wanna read your HP fic when you’re done, k? Good luck on the test! ^_^

  2. Sadism, eh? I can already guess…

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