Illness Isn’t Cool

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I felt like I was dying last night. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but I really thought I was gonna die last night. Okay I am just typing some pathetic shit. But really in the previous entry you saw how I said that I felt that those flu symptoms? Well I didn’t go to bed at 9 as I planned. I stayed up till 12 figuring out my damn Visual Basics stuff and doing the homeworks for it. By then I believe my sore throat became worst and I think I was running a fever. It had to be fever cuz I was shivering from those damn chills.

I went to bed and wrapped myself with my blanket. I kept waking up through the next four hours. I was burning, and I had the blanket on me. But strangely I didn’t break out in sweat at all. And everytime I woke up, I kept going back to sleep because I had the feeling someone was ordering me to do that. I think I was semi-delirious. When it was 4 am, I couldn’t handle it anymore and went to my mom to see if I can get some medicine or something. My mom felt my forehead and was pretty damn shock. By then I was feeling awful. I haven’t been this sick since 7th grade. My entire body was sore and was burning. My sinuses and ear were all clogged up so it was painful. I think my temperature by then was like 105 degrees or something. Okay I didn’t have a thermometer so I have no clue. But I was burning.

Went to mom she made me take these pills. Then she suggested that I should take a bath with the water temperature slightly cooled. I agree and I even made her put in bubble bath mix. Well I spent like 20 minutes in the tub and that really helped. Then I spent the next 20 minutes as well using an ice pack on me. That helped and by 5 am I went back to bed. I woke up at 10 and my fever is gone and I am much better now. I’m glad, but really last night scared the living daylights out of me. I guess since it’s been so long since I was really sick (that time in 7th grade or was it 6th??? My aunt claimed that I was sleepwalking due to the fever I had.), that I forgot how bad it can get. Argh…

I hate getting sick. Normally when I get sick I don’t tell my mom or dad, but some cases I just can’t stand it. I need them. And I need my mom nursing me. I do miss those old days, but now that I am older I just feel like I am just putting more burden on her than necessary. *sighs* I wanted to cry last night when I saw how much my mom was in pain because I WAS SICK. Guilt makes you feel shitty. I hate burdening my parents like that. Though I am surprised that I recovered fast, I don’t wanna get this sick again!


  1. Eeeeeek! *massive glomps and huggles* I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and stuff, but get all all bettah! Kay?? :D:D:D

  2. Lady Faris on

    That really sucks! I hope you get 100% better ASAP.

  3. Oh no! Get well soon, Tara-chan! *hugs*

  4. Tara-chan! ;_; 105?! That’s really bad. I hope you get better right quick – OR ELSE! :D

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