Symptoms of Flu

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Dear me I got the flu symptoms. More accurately I got a sorethroat and I got that flu soreness all over my body. It’s the type of freaking soreness that makes my skin just hurt in a weird way. It’s only there when I got the flu. Dammit. Stupid weather. I wished it’d make up its mind! The damn forecast said that a typhoon is coming. Oh goody. I so can hardly wait. But ohwell. I got the whole weekend to recuperate. I guess lack of sleep and freezing classroom and hot weather outside got to me. Gah I feel so drowsy and so sore. And I am hot. Agh. 3 day weekend is wonderful.

I withdrew 100 bucks today. 50 bucks for my mom as her REALLY early b-day present. I also bought my dad’s present, a 25 dollar shirt. I hope he wore it in the bowling league tonight. And I hope he likes it. I couldn’t find anything else to buy so I just bought that. And the other 25 dollar was for me to splurge on. I wanted to get something, but didn’t find anything desirable to get. I was looking for this one book and couldn’t find it. And not many good Dragonlance book was availiable so I didn’t bother either. Yes, Jen and David got me addicted to the series and I only read the first 15 chapters in the first book. I love Raistlin. Reminds me so much of Snapey-poo and Tasslehoff. That kender is so lively. ^_^ Dear me I must finish that book this weekend. So enjoyable!

But argh. I really don’t feel well so I am gonna go bed and it’s only like 9 PM. Okay maybe I won’t sleep, but I’ll try to. Argh stupid flu or cold. Damn you virus and bacteria!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Aw, I’m sorry. Hope you feel better!

  2. Weird…alot of people I know seem to be getting sick =S Must be something going on around the world…lol.

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