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“Stupid patriotic monkey [Bush]. Hey FBI, I know you’re reading this. Come arrest me, I’m only an insignificant angsty teenager!” — Kristine

Haha! Thanks to her, I got a new nickname for Mr. Bush now. Stupid Patriotic Monkey. XD. That cracked me up! I am so peeved right now. Ever since school started, each morning, we’d rise and stand and do the damn thing called Pledge of Allegiance. Uh I’m sorry, but isn’t that AGAINST the federal law? And that “One nation under God” thing. Uh… what if you don’t believe in God or you got a different religion? Shite after 2 days of doing that shit and hoping that they will stop it, I’m just gonna stand there and keep my mouth clamped shut from now on. I don’t care. I did it enough in Elementary school. I don’t need to do it in high school as well! Espescially during my senior year! I mean hell half the classrooms don’t even have a flag so … yeah whatever. I told Jen this and she said that she’d start a fucking petition against it. I am seriously debating about this. Bah! I don’t care. I’ll just keep my mouth shut and if anyone asks why I am not saying it, I’ll smack them. *nods* That’s a good solution.

Well anyways I started my Visual Basic course in a way. During 3rd period my Lotus Notes weren’t set up so I just went to the online one. Guess what is my assignment each day I come to class? I have to send my distance ed teacher, the weather report of Seoul, South Korea. *dies* I don’t believe that. That is JUST weird. x_X;; If you want the weather report, can’t you just go to those website that has the current weather stuff online? Aiya mon. But yeah… 2 distance ed course. I be dead. GAH! Lotus Notes sure doesn’t look cool. Haha. Ohwell. I don’t have anything else to rant about so yeah later.


  1. just do what u want Tara. Dont we have that freedom of speech thing so we dont gotta talk if we dont wont to right? So just do that to the pledge of allegence, its yur choice anwyas and if people have a promblem with it screw them.

  2. Wow…We only have to stand for our anthem in the morning and then for 30 seconds of silence…=S

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Uh…you and Jen are a little late in the petition. During the summer, some guy in CA brought it to court that he didn’t like his daughter saying "under God" since they were non-religious. The Supreme Court ruled that it was indeed unconstitutional, but most people didn’t care and kept it in anyway. That part was just added somewhere in the fifties, so hey, it’s your choice. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions:) *shrugs*

  4. Lady Faris on

    Yeah, the whole pledge thing really do supports religion by claiming there is a god. I never liked it and refused to say the plege during my late years in high school for it.

  5. cybrpunk on

    Well I guess you better send all your money to me. If you haven’t noticed, all american money (paper and coin) has "god" written on it. If the Pledge is unconstitutional then so is our money. Same premise.

  6. well, as long as you stand up out of respect for the flag, that’s okay. i can understand not wanting to say the "under god" part and to be honest i agree, but you should at least show respect for the flag. this country is giving you more than you probably realize, and if you don’t want to respect that then go to some other country and watch what they do when you claim that you don’t want to say "under god" or whatever the mainstream religon is there.

  7. Coronet on

    What irks me more is that they never told us the reason behind why we ARE in fact saying the pledge again in schools. Was it voted back in? Is the dude running our school Christian? What if we’re not religious at all? I find it very disturbing. Couldn’t we alter the pledge a bit to remove the "Under God" and instead replace it with something like "With Honor" or something? *sighs*

  8. Heather on

    We tried protesting the pledge of allegience on the first day of school, but were foreced to say it anyway. Although I really don’t mind the "god" statement, its fun to argue. And I don’t really want to live in the US either… *overthrows the FBI* Whooo!

  9. We have to stand and put our hand on our hearts but we dont have to say the pledge. After that we have a minute of silence. 0_o It’s a debate at school whether we should even have a moment of silence or not..

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