Second Day of School and Controversial Debates

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I’m tired and I want to sleep so I’m gonna straight through this. *nods*

Cisco Networking 2: Whoo hoo. Only 3 people taking CN2. That would be Raphael, Thomas, and Me. Aigoo. All 3 of us were dead this morning. Mr. Gamble wasn’t here, so Mr. Behr was there. He told us 3 that we had to go connect a network of 5 computers. We had to make one straight-through and crossover cables. And all 3 of us forgot the color coding. I only remembered the straight-through one. Thank something that Mr. Behr gave us that color coding sheet. ^^;; Then me and Raphael were doing each end and … that moron put the jack on backward and I told him before that it was supposed to go the other way around. However I didn’t clarify on it because I wasn’t sure if I was right. x_X;; So I just let it pass, but apparently I was right. Haha… we didn’t exactly finish the damn thing and Mr. Behr just said to go to our next class and that he’d check it. Aigoo. We looked so stupid in front of the CN1 classmate. Unfortunately for me Livingstone is in that class and … he knows more than me. I wouldn’t be surprised now if he moves up to CN2. *hisses and sneers* BOO!

AP Government: Okay … first off I ended up having Ryan Staples as my desk buddy and Daniel Lathrop, my old crush was there. Haha. Ohwell. And yes Livingstone and Daniel Lee were there as well. Poor me. XD But yeah whatever. We discussed these 2 worksheets thing and I think I got lost at one point or another. Well there was this one point where Mr. Boyd was asking us what Power meant. And for some reasons, the only word that kept popping up in my head that describes power was Corruption. I was suprise when no one else said that. Every one else said positive stuff on it and I was gonna bring that up, but it was uh a little too late for me when Mr. Boyd went on to the next agenda.


Then we had this debate thing and we had to split into a scale thingie. Like one side of the room had people that supported the controversial topic 100% and the other side was where 100% opposed. Then in the middle we had the middles. ^^;; Well the topic was Same Sex Marriage. My kind of topic baby. And of course I stood in the 100% supported section. There was only 5 of us. 4 girls and 1 guy. ^^;; But honestly I can understand why some people are against it, but there are 5 reasons that I will not consider legitamate and reasonable. They are: 1) It’s just ain’t right. That is not a reason if you don’t have a fucking reason to say why it isn’t right! 2) It’s against the bible. Well excuse me but the bible isn’t 100% accurate and why the hell should you believe what is against and not against a freaking book? I mean honestly. The bible is over 2000 years old, has been through 3 translations with many translation mistakes so why should you? 3) It’s just morally wrong. *coughs and clears throat* Someone explain to me exactly what is morally right and wrong nowadays? I mean jesus fucking christ. How is loving someone and getting married legally gonna be wrong? If it’s done legally, then fuck off! 4) It’s not normal. AHEM!!! WHAT IS NORMAL THESE DAYS!!! GOD DAMN YOU PEOPLE! WE ARE SO DAMN DIVERSE NOW, SO ENOUGH WITH THIS NORMAL BULLSHIT! 5) It’s biologically infuctionable. *coughs* Sex is sex and if reproducing is the problem here, then forget it. Judging from our technology, in another 100 or 200 or even less years, there may be some things where you can get male pregnancy to start so booya! I’d love to see the days when male actually have to go through pregnancy! Now whether I’ll be alive then or not, that’s an entirely different matter.

Now I know there are problems regarding same sex marriages and all that… but what about heterosexual marriages? They have as much problems anyways! I mean just look at the divorce rates crying out loud and that thing is against the freaking bible too if you want to get all religious on me! So explain how divorce is not against the bible anymore and same sex is? And if you think 2 father or mother raising a girl or guy is wrong, then what about those single parents anyways? I understand not everyone will accept it, but jesus! You heterosexual people, leave the homosexuals alone. You don’t see them harrassing heterosexuals people, so abide their wishes and let them be as well! If you don’t like same-sex marriages then whatever! Just try to look at it at all POVs. I am looking at the opposed POVs and I understand various reasons, but those 5 reasons up there are not legitimate and I’m sorry but those are what some of my classmates said and I wanted to cuss them out big time. I am still steamed about this and I hate the fact how I am surrounded by narrow-minded idiots at this school. UGH!


Seminar: I have Ms. Wilkin again and I think she’s secretly glad that Eric isn’t in there anymore. *laughs* No more wars for her … although I do miss those days. *sighs* We had that stupid back to school intro by the princies and then I started reading Dragon Lance chronicles and after only 3 pages I am deeply interested. Must read it! ^^

English 12: I am officially in love with Ms. Pell. She’s an awesome teacher. And surprisingly she knew my name before I completed it. I just told her Tara, and then she said my last name. I asked how she knew that and she said that after 7 years of typing my name for Renaissance, she knows me. And since I am the only Tara with a rather unusual last name. Overall my full name is unique so I guess it got stuck to her after all. But that class seems cool and I am looking forward to it. Not to mention David is in that class! whoo hoo! ^^ Well I’m done! Whoot!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Harumph…we have block, but we don’t have that "A", "B" system. We have an all "A" classes one semester, and an all "B" classes the other semester. Although I suppose I prefer that way *shrugs* Interesting classes though ^___^ *let’s Tara-chan go back to sleep*

  2. Kalirose on

    Eh! School! I’m so nervous about starting! *bites nails* Anyway, about that same sex rant…you think that’s bad? In my goverment class there were only 2 people who thought it was okay. Me and this guy who I honestly think is gay. But that’s besides the point. Every single fucking person in the class aside from us 2 used the whole "bible says it’s wrong!" arguement to which I, someone who rarely argues about anything, got rather angry and plainly told them "your bible is not MY bible" so now everyone thinks I’m a satanist or something. `^^ Sometimes, I hate living so near the bible belt. Really hate it. Eep! I’m ranting in your comments section! Sorry, sorry! It sounds like you’ll have an interesting year, Tara-chan!

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